Missing Love

Kaitlyn just started a new school, new life, and new friends but who are her friends Kaitlyn and her friends that she made in her new school go to see One Direction in concert but there was a surprise that she got backstage passes to see One Direction and she becomes the boys' best friend and her friends are the boys' girlfriends but will she fall in love with the boys? or Will they have feelings for her?


2. Excited

I was excited I got to meet One Direction and then Liam got to text me and asked me if me and my friends wanted to hang out with him and the boys and I thought it was a good idea and I asked the girls if they wanted to hang out with the boys they said it was okay so I asked Liam "When & where?" he said "Um... what bout @ the park 2 nite @ 7?" I said "Yeah sure :)" and then me and the girls got ready to hang out with the boys and we went to the park and we got to be like little kids and played on the swing set it was so much fun the hang out the boys and we got to know each and I got to know Liam very well and next thing you know I started to like Liam and I never felt like this before but I thought I did but it was all a lie


It was 3 months ago that I liked this guy named Zach and he told me he loved me and told me that he wanted to be with me and then I found out he lied to me, we were at a football game and he texted me and told me to meet him under the bleachers and so I did and as soon as I got there he was kissing another girl I wanted to run and cry but he saw me and I ran away and he ran after me but I told him to stay away from me it was over and after we broke up for a week he found himself another girl it broke my heart in a million peices.

I thought to myself "Kaitlyn don't do it do fall head over heels for this guy what if it don't work out" sometimes i don't listen to myself but this time I did I still like Liam but not head over heels

Liam's P.O.V.

So me and the boys went to the park with Kait and the girls and we were acting like little kids and we also got to know each other, as I got to know Kait she is just amazing I never knew a girl like that she is the most wonderful person I ever met she has all the things you could ever want in a girl she's nice, beautiful, she cares about anybody in her path and one day she wants to help people who can't help themselves, but then on the other hand I'm starting to fall for Angelique she is the most beautiful girl I ever met but I think I'm going to ask Angelique out.

Kait's P.O.V.

So later that night we all went to my house to stay warm it was getting cold and we all watched a movie we watched Titanic and everytime we got to the ship breaking apart and people dying I always cry and I was sitting next to Liam and he saw me cry and he hugged me and said "Its okay its just a movie" I said "I know but I'm just a suck up when it comes to sad parts in a movie" and he hugged me tighter and I was happy but then the movie ended and Jessica and Louis fell asleep and she fell in Louis's lap so we let them sleep there and Liam went over there to Angelique and he talked to her and then he asked her out and I was sad but not all that sad cause I just met him so him and Angelique went outside and talked.

Desirae's P.O.V.

So we finished a movie over at Kait's house and I was feeling tired and I was thinking of walking home and I said to Kait "Kait I'm going home" Kait said"No wait I will have my parents drive you home" I said "That's okay I will walk" Harry said "Kait it will be okay I will walk her home" Kait said"Thank you Harry" so Harry walked me home and we talked and got to know each other and we got to my house and I said "Well this is me" Harry said "Wow nice house" "Thank you" "So I was thinking that do want to go out sometime" I thought about it for a minute and I said "That would be nice good night Harry""Good night Desirae" then I went inside.

But everybody went home except Louis and Jessica they stayed on the couch but I went to bed thinking about Liam asking Angelique out but I don't remember but I think I cried myself to sleep

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