Gap Year

5 Locations, 5 Friends, 5 Boys in One Year.
What will happen when Felicity her cousin Lauren and there BFF's go on a vacation
for a year but not any particular year, GAP YEAR!
5 girls don't know whats coming to them when they meet 5 boys. Little did they know 5 boys might actually change their entire lives.


8. Waking up to a beep

Louis's POV

I woke up to the sound of beeping. Where was i?

Then i suddenly open my eyes. Why was i in a hospital? What happen last night? so many questions.

"Louis oh my gosh are you ok?" That voice was so mesmerizing, it was so familiar though. I looked up to the blinding light. There i saw Alex right by my side of the bed looking down on me. She looked hurt. What happened? Then i remembered El and the FaceTime call.

"Look, Alex, i can explain." tears welled up in her eyes, she ran out of the room without looking back. Liam soon came into the room with the rest of the lads, including Zayn. 

''How are you lad?" Liam asked. I nodded my head. 

"Can i leave now? Hospitals are so depressing." they all chuckled.

Liam left to get the doctor. I sat there thinking. Will El forgive me? I love her, but i love Alex more. Can we at least still be friends? What about Alex? She must be mad. She probably wont forgive me too.

I picked up my phone beside the bed and dialed El's number.


"El? Let me explain." i pleaded.

"Explain what? That you have ben cheating on me? There is nothing to explain, it's all right there Louis, you dont even care about me anymore." she hung up instantly. i sunk back in the bed. The boys were staring at me or the floor.


Lauren's POV

The dinner was great, we had a great time. Everything about him was so irresistible. His eyes, smile, hair. The great thing is, we didn't get raided by paparazzi. Best date ever. We walked out of the restaurant with smiles on our faces and holding hands. Just as i was about to get in the car, he spun me around and looked in my eyes, he leaned in and we met halfway, sparks flying. I was enjoying every second with him. I wanted everyday to be like this. We slowly pulled away and i giggled.

His phone rang...

"Hello?" his voice was amazing.

"Change of plans, head to the hospital" was all i heard, muffled voice sounded like Liam.


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