Gap Year

5 Locations, 5 Friends, 5 Boys in One Year.
What will happen when Felicity her cousin Lauren and there BFF's go on a vacation
for a year but not any particular year, GAP YEAR!
5 girls don't know whats coming to them when they meet 5 boys. Little did they know 5 boys might actually change their entire lives.


6. The date with Zayn

Lauren's POV

I was wondering how everyone was at the party since it was located at one of Vegas's best Casino's.                                          I was looking pretty and was ready to go off with Zayn on our "date" hehe. I sat on the couch waiting for Zayn to pick me up. I was lost in thoughts of him.

He was handsome, hot, cute, beautiful, charming, kind, caring. I got all that and counting in one day. I heard a horn beep outside the house. I looked outside the window. Zayn looked up at me in his white shirt and jeans. He was so cute. I ran/walked down the stairs and opened my door, I was greeted by a hug and peck on the cheek. He whispered in my ear "Hey beautiful." sending shivers my spine. I blushed. 

He guided me towards his car. We hopped in, we took off immediately. We made conversation quickly. I liked it. He was easy to talk to, someone I can talk to and trust. We shared interest and had a few laughs. We arrived at the restaurant. It was kinda fancy, italian. I received a text.

"How's the date? -Liam xx" how did he get my number? Oh yeah, Jess.


Liam's POV

I really like Jess but i'm dating Dani i can't cheat on her it would just be wrong. I'm so confused now i don't know what to do Jess is so beautiful and pure Dani is pure aswell oh my gosh what am I suppose to do with my life it is all going downhill what am i to do.

I'm falling in love with Jess........well at least i think i am.


Felicity's POV

We went back inside and a guy came up to me on the dance floor as Harry was getting me a drink. This guy started grinding with me as i tried to get away so Harry wouldn't see.

Just then Harry came and started being so over protective

"Hey what do you think your doing!" Harry screamed as the man was really drunk.                                                                                           "Dancing with this hot chick," Oh you could see Harry's eyes getting dark. "What is she like your girlfriend or something huh yeah right!"                   "Yes she is actually my girlfriend if you don't mind, c'mon lets go babe,"     "We can share her right bro,"                                                                    Oh and that did it Harry was now really angry at this guy really really angry he was red and fume was coming out of his ears.                           "No we can not share her she's mine c'mon let's go before i blow and things get violent.



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