Gap Year

5 Locations, 5 Friends, 5 Boys in One Year.
What will happen when Felicity her cousin Lauren and there BFF's go on a vacation
for a year but not any particular year, GAP YEAR!
5 girls don't know whats coming to them when they meet 5 boys. Little did they know 5 boys might actually change their entire lives.


9. Making the most of the day!

Louis's POV

Zayn and Lauren and the other girls and lads suddenly walked in.

"Oh my gosh Lou are you ok!" Felicity asked concern written all over her face, whilst Harry's arm was wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah i'm fine,"

"What happened?"

"Well Lou after you saw El you past out right there." Anthea said whilst Niall kissed her neck softly.

Then the nurse came in.

"Ok then Louis you are allowed to leave the Hospital in a couple of hours,"


"Oh my i totally forgot girls we're leaving tomorrow!" Felicity said looking depressed Harry just hugged her tighter.

"Wait a minute we're leaving tomorrow to where you guys heading?" Liam said,

"LA," Jess said

"Wait we are as well wow what a coincidence," Zayn said looking happier

"So what time do you leave?" Harry asked

"5pm flight you?"


"Good we can leave together,"


Felicity's POV

"So what do you guys want to do today do you want to go around Vegas?" Felicity asked

"Hmmmmm good idea babe so we can walk around the strip,"

So here we are walking around laughing, messing around, taking pictures and speaking to the boys fans. Making the most of the day! 



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