Gap Year

5 Locations, 5 Friends, 5 Boys in One Year.
What will happen when Felicity her cousin Lauren and there BFF's go on a vacation
for a year but not any particular year, GAP YEAR!
5 girls don't know whats coming to them when they meet 5 boys. Little did they know 5 boys might actually change their entire lives.


1. It's the start and the.......Surprise!


Felicity's POV   "Yes! finally we finished!' i screamed to the world, which earned some strange glances from people in the park. "I know right?!" Lauren said back. "Shut it guys1 You're embarrassing us" Jess shushed us. We were having our last lunch in our favorite park for a little while. We all just finished school and decided to hit the air to travel the world for Gap Year. We're going to LA, Thailand, Los Vegas, Paris and last but not least London.  We planned this day when we stepped foot on school grounds in Sydney. We all had the trip planned. Jess and Alex were hoping to find their "one true love" in the city of love (Paris, duh!), Anthea and I were looking for fun (more of looking for trouble), Lauren was taking life seriously to find a job and live somewhere in distant London.  First Stop: LAS VEGAS!!   ----------------------   There were so many people some of who we recognized from high school waving goodbye to us. Anthea and Alex gained some tears whiched turned into bawling. It was uncomfortable at first to load on the plane but we managed to keep our impatientness inside our mouths. Aaaah…. First Class. Beautiful. I looked around for some cute Australian surfer boys.    When we got on the plane I got out my iPhone out of my bag  and turned it on just as we were in the sky. I sat next to Anthea and Alex, I soon got bored of my phone so i turned on the Tv and decided on watching Horrible Bosses, after a few minutes every one started staring at me because I was laughing my head off when I realized a brown, curly haired teen was looking over me. He asked in a beautiful British accent - "what movie are you watching?"  "Horrible Bosses,' i said without looking up "Cool, the way your laughing, I can tell it's funny." Then I heard his seatbelt unbuckle and he started walking away. I heard his foot steps stop and walk back to me, "sorry I didn't get your name. What was it?'' I looked at him. I was dumbfounded. I was clearly ignoring the most cutest British boy on earth, and what did i do? smile and try to look calm and collected. "My name is Felicity" i smiled and and tried to look cool. It obviously didn't work. Nice going Fel! Don't blame me! My brain doesn't function when it comes to boys. He chuckled. "I can definitely see through your act" I wanted to facepalm. But i was too busy slapping Lauren while she laughed.  "Wait, do i know you from somewhere? Wait……. I do!" Lauren chimed. "You're Harry! From One Direction" I squealed realizing how much of a doof i was. He was my favorite out of the band. How did i not notice. Lauren, the smart one exchanged glances with me. She figured if he was here, the rest of the boys were here. "Shhh" he whispered "don't tell anyone or there will be a riot. But anyway, i need to go pee. It was nice meeting you girls. Especially you Felicity" He winked, i melted inside. "Oh and by the way, you may want to meet the other lads. Bye." I smiled in return.   ----------------------   Lauren's POV   My jaw dropped. Zayn was here? I pictured his beautiful face again and again. Whoa. "Jess!" She was in a deep sleep. "Jess! Wake Up!"  She didn't move an inch. The boy on the side turned to face us. "Hey1 Your Liam, from One Direction!" i said. "Yea, are you trying to wake your friend up?" "Mmhm. Sleeping Beauty here won't move a peek." He tapped her on the shoulder and she woke up instantly. She looked up and gasped, "Y-you're L-Liam from One Direction! He smiled as she sat up rubbing her eyes.  "That' too bad. You look pretty when you were sleeping." She tried to hide her blush. Soon they were in deep conversation. I looked around to see if i could spot Zayn. No sign of him. I sighed and fell into a slumber.   ---------------------   "Wake-up!" Anthea's voice filled my ears. I suddenly stirred awake with 9 teens staring at me. My mouth fell open nearly touching the ground when I realized that Zayn was standing right there in front of my face I was lost in his eyes. He was so good looking in real life better than my posters obviously. "So what do you say?" Felicity asked me when i realized Harry's arm around her waist pulling her in being very protective of her. Little did i realize they all were like that arms around each other like a snake wrapped around a tree trunk. "Did i miss something here things feel odd?" "Yes silly we're all officially friends." Alex answered like it was obvious.    "Hi i'm Niall, i'm Louis and i'm Zayn." "Hi i'm Lauren," I was literally going to faint at his presence he was so close me!!!! SHOOT I must look terrible i just woke up nooo! I tried covering my face but then……. "Don't try to cover our face you look beautiful," Zayn said while smiling "Hey dude you didn't answer my question Lauren?" Felicity asked "Wait what was it again?" My cheeks went bright red. Zayn chuckled humorously. "What do you think about going to lunch at the nearest cafe when we land?" "Uhhhhh yea… sure!" "Ok great,"

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