Gap Year

5 Locations, 5 Friends, 5 Boys in One Year.
What will happen when Felicity her cousin Lauren and there BFF's go on a vacation
for a year but not any particular year, GAP YEAR!
5 girls don't know whats coming to them when they meet 5 boys. Little did they know 5 boys might actually change their entire lives.


2. Falling hard!


Jess's POV --------------------- OMG this wasn't happening was it. I…I think i'm hallucinating. NO NO NO i was not hallucinating otherwise i wouldn't be so close to Liam that i could feel his hot breath on my left cheek OMG this was Happening!!!!! It was all so cute Harry and Felicity looked like they were already falling in love, Lauren and Zayn as well, actually coming to think of it we all were Felicity and Harry giggling as he tickled her because she made fun of him. Lauren and Zayn looked like they were so in their own love bubble it was amazing. Anthea and Niall were talking about the different foods they liked something they had in common, Alex and Louis were joking around cuddling with each other and last but not least me and Liam laughing about the latest Toy Story Movie we shared the same liking getting some where with him YES!!!   Anthea's POV --------------------- Wow i never realized that me and Niall had so much in common i think i'm falling for him but his probably not feeling the same way about me though. there are so many girls in the world for him why would he choose me anyways  i'm nothing special just an ordinary girl from Sydney no way he'd like me.   Alex's POV ---------------------- Louis is so cute maybe my dream was coming true everything was going well until the flight attendant came and disturbed Lou and i she smiled at Louis and glared at me. Louis saw what she did and said,"excuse me but can you stop giving my lady evil glares!" "Sorry," the flight attendant stated As she moved away more evil glares like daggers came to me.   Felicity's POV ---------------------- Wow Harry is so cute and nice i can't believe i met him today. Just when i thought that, a voice came on around the plane "ok everyone buckle your seat belts cause we're about to land and first class get back in your own seats boys……and girls. Then we all pissed off laughing but we all deciding to sit next to our new friends i sat with Harry, Lauren sat with Zayn, Anthea sat with Niall, Alex sat with Louis and Jess sat with Liam. As we are landing i got scared i still hadn't told Harry that i hated landing when it came to planes. I suddenly went pale and Harry saw me and got concerned. "Are you ok?" "Yep just that i hate landing it makes my stomach churn and then i feel sick and…………." i was basically talking really fast he probably couldn't understand me Then i was pulled in to a big hug with Harry's head buried in the side of neck as he squeezed his eyes shut holding me so tight i thought he was going to break my ribcage. "Harry are you ok you don't look so good?" "I'm scared of landing too!" Louis was pissing his head laughing when he saw Harry and i hugging and being so scared. When we landed i was relieved to be back on the ground. As Harry released me i thought i broke my ribcage i couldn't move. "I'm so sorry Felicity!" "I'm fine it's ok," ……………………………I THINK I MIGHT BE FALLING FOR HIM!!!!   --------------------   Lauren's POV   We officially landed. Zayn and i were laughing at Felicty and Harry's hug fest. We decided to let people pass so we could leave last.  We were still in our seats. I curled up in my seat while Zayn let me rest my head against his shoulder. The boys and their "Future Girlfriends" (according to me and Zayn) everyone passed us and we said we would meet them outside.  "So… You like One Direction huh?" "Well duh1 You're last album took over my ears!" "Who's your favorite?"  He winked and cheekily grinned. I blushed. We all know the answer. "How long are you staying in Las Vegas for?" i questioned. "Well, we are on tour in about five months so yeah, we just flown back from Canada for a radio interview and concert to raise money." "Wow, you have a busy life!" i laughed. He gave me an irresistible smile. His eyes traced mine. He gently put a strand of my black air behind my ear. I blushed. "Where are you heading for the year?" "Well, we have Gap Year and we are gonna spend 1 week here before going to Miami and Chicago" "What are your dreams?" "The girls and i want to go to university in London. They say I'm like Liam, Im Daddy Direction but the girl version. I want to live in London and get a job. The rest of the girls just want to go to Uni and have fun. I take life seriously" He grabbed my phone out of my hand and started dialing something. "What are you doing?!" "Giving you the lad's phone numbers, including mine. And by the way, you're welcome" I smiled and blushed. "You're very pretty you know. So never, ever try to cover up that cute blush of yours" he winked, returning back to my phone.   --------------------   We got off the plane with smiles on our faces. "Oh no! Louis got it on!" Zayn half yelled. We caught Lou in the act nibbling at Alex's ear and kissing her cheek, they were so cute together. I giggled, if only Zayn and I were like that. I sat with Jess while she obsessed over Liam. Apparently Liam and her are now best friends, which for us is on step behind a date. I overheard Louis talking with Zayn: "Hey, so you really like this Lauren girl huh?" "Yea, but i don't know how to tell her I'm falling in love with her" "Aaaw1 Zaynie is growing up!" "Shut up Louis! You want her to hear you?!" I giggled, too late. "So how about you and Alex?" "She's great, we have a lot in common and she has a great sense of humor-" "Way to go Lou! She will be great for you!" I got up and giggled to myself, their conversation ended once i got near them, i sat down next to Alex and we started our own conversation.
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