Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



4. Twitter

Harry pov

I sit on the couch and wait for everyone to come back from the showers. Brie comes down first, she's in short shorts and a tank top. Is it bad that I can't keep my eyes off of her?

" Where is everyone?" she asks.

" Showering."

She sits next to me. There's a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. She leans her head on my shoulder and passes out. She looks so beautiful. I pull out my phone and snap a picture of her. I put it on Twitter.

" Isn't she lovely? @brie_tomlinson."

Instantly people start commenting.

@mrs_styles: @harry_styles @brie_tomlinson She's so ugly, you could do so much better!

@directioner179: @harry_styles @brie_tomlinson This bitch better step off my man, she's not good enough for him!

@1D_fan: @harry_styles @brie_tomlinson She's so pretty, ignore all of these directionators :D

She got a lot of hate, but the real fans supported her as well. I put my phone away and watch her sleep. Is that creepy? I waited a while but no one came back down. I guess they all decided to go to bed. I pick Brie up and carry her to her room. When we get there, there isn't even a sheet on the bed. I carry her to my bed and lay her down. I'll let her sleep in here tonight. I decided if she woke up and found me naked she'd flip. I put on a pair of sweatpants and crawled next to her. She lays her head on my bare chest. I get that feeling in my stomach again. I wrap my arm around her and drift off to sleep. When I wake up in the morning, Brie is still asleep on my chest. The sunlight from the window is shining on her. This girl is beautiful. I move slightly, she stirs. She opens her eyes, they are the same color as Louis's. She sits up quickly.

" What are you doing in my bed?" she demands.

" Actually love, you're in my bed." I smirk.

" Why?" she blushes.

" You fell asleep on me last night. So when I took you to your room, your bed wasn't made. Instead of putting you on the couch, I let you sleep in here."
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