Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



14. Twitcam

  Harry POV-   I got into the passenger side of Celine's car. She turns the radio on and starts driving towards Simon's headquarters. I lean my head against the window. I want to be home cuddling with my Brie. But no something always has to come in between us. I feel like a horrible boyfriend for having to leave her two days in a row, especially when she is sick. Couldn't Simon have just called? What is so important that he has to see us in person? I groan inwardly and close my eyes wishing I was anywhere but here. Celine pulls up at the headquarters. She links arms with me but I drop it and walk inside. Simon's secretary is sitting at a huge desk in front of his office. I believe her name is Melissa. She motions for us to go in. I push open the double doors and enter. Simon is sitting in his chair, the back facing us. We take seats right in front of his desk and wait for him to acknowledge us. He spins around in his chair a few minutes later.    " Hello Harry. Celine," he greets.    " Hi, Uncle Simon."   Celine smiles and waves.    " Well your "relationship" is going well. The press believes it. The fans believe it. I want to take it to the next stage."   " Excuse me!?" I half yell.    " Is something wrong?" he asks.    " Yes! I have a girlfriend and I'm tired of pretending to be with this slut!"    Celine slapped me across the face. My nostrils flared. No, no you can't hit a girl.    " She's not even your age. She's fourteen, get over her!"    " Never. Her birth certificate may say she's fourteen, but she has the mind and the soul of an eighteen year old!" I defend.    " Both of you knock it off. Is this all about Brisedia?"    " Yes."    Simon had met Brisedia when we lost the X-Factor. I think he liked her, not like that. He knew her, and he'd see reason. He'd drop this whole Heline thing. He had too.    " Harry I don't approve of that. Look what happened already because of the age difference."    " The fans would go crazy. They'd love the idea that I'm dating someone their age."    He paused, I guess thinking about it. He had to see reason. Put yourself in a fan's point of view: Oh my god, Harry Styles is dating a 14 year old. I still have a chance! We went back and forth discussing both of our sides in this. Celine just sat there texting away on her phone. Good, I didn't want her butting in on any of this. Simon was still disagreeing with me. Why won't he see how happy I am with Brie? The happiest I've been in months. Before Brie I was so depressed. No girl wanted me for me, they wanted me because I'm Harry Styles. I was generally depressed and everyone saw it, doesn't he see a difference in me? Does he even care what I want? I'm ending this now!   " I'm done with Heline. I'm telling the press the truth and the whole truth!"    I get out of my seat and walk toward the doors.    " I wouldn't do that if I were you Harold!"    " Watch me!"    With that I was gone. I stormed out of the headquarters and tried to hail a cab home. After several attempts I gave up, it's so hard to get a cab in London. I pull my phone out of my pocket. I text Lou and ask him to pick me up. He said Liam is on his way because he's laying with Brie. I should be laying with Brie. I go on Twitter while I wait. I compose a tweet. Time for the truth.    " Hey guys, I've got some news. Heline is fake. It's been fake this whole time. Simon made me "date" her because he thought it would look good. Well I've backed out of it. I've met a girl that makes me happier then ever before. I think I may love her. @brie_tomlinson is my real girlfriend. While I had to deal with Celine, Brie has been in bed sick. Please wish her better and unfollow Celine. Thanks to all who support us. #Heline is fake."    I post it. Instantly mentions start pouring in. A lot of people said they never like Celine anyway, a lot said they hated me. But most importantly, Team Stylinson is trending. I love our fans so much. Liam pulls up a few minutes later.    " Team Stylinson?" he teases as I get in.    " You were tweeting while you were driving!?"    That's so unlike Liam. He always one us about texting and driving and talking while driving. I'm really surprised.  " No! Zayn told me."      " Vas Happenin'!" Zayn shouts from the backseat.    I shake my head. I told them all about what happened at the meeting. They tease me a bit about the tweet, the part where I said I might love her. I'll never live this down. Wait until Lou sees it, he's going to kill me. As if on cue, he calls me. I gulp and answer.    " 'Ello?"    " Team Stylinson?" a weak voice says.    " Brie?"    " Curly."    " Brie love, Heline is over!"    " I saw the tweet."    I blush a little. She read the part where I said I think I love her.    " They love us, more importantly you."    " Yeah, yeah. Get home my cuddle buddy ditched me," she whined.    " I'll be there soon. Bye Tommo."    " Bye Styles," she chuckles.    The line goes dead.    " Aww, Team Stylinson forever!" Zayn shouts.    I lean back and punch his leg. They both continue to tease me for the rest of the car ride. Finally we pull up in front of the house. I jump out of the car and run inside. I rush upstairs to find Brie's bed empty. I hear her in the bathroom, she's throwing up again. I go in and pull her hair out of the way. I slowly rub her back trying to calm her down. When she stops, she flushes the toilet. I help clean her up and put her back in her bed. I crawl in next to her and pull her close.    " Hey Stylinson," she whispers.    " Hay gurl hay!" I yell trying to make her laugh.    She does and I feel a little bit better. I told her all about the meeting. She was glad I got rid of Celine, so was I. I never ever liked Celine. I tried to for Simon's sake but it didn't work. I got back on Twitter, people were begging for a Twitcam. I haven't done one in a while, ah what the heck.    " Do a Twitcam with me," I beg.    " I look terrible."    " You look lovely as always."    " Sure...... Fine I'll do a Twitcam with you," she groans.    I open up a new tab and start one.    " Hey everyone, Team Stylinson in the house!"    Brie chuckles and shakes her head.    " Please ignore how I look, I'm sick," she mumbles weakly.    " You look lovely, as always. She never believes me."  The comments pour in. About how cute they think Team Stylinson is. That they hate Celine. A lot said Brie was beautiful. She rolled her eyes at those comments.    " Stop that."    " Stop what?" she raises an eyebrow.    " Not believing you're beautiful. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met. You're so insecure and you have no reason to be. You can give me those I don't know what you're talking about eyes all you want. You are beautiful, you hear me. The most beautiful girl, ever."  Her eyes get a glassy and shiny. She smiles weakly and I pull her into a hug. I tenderly kiss her head. Then she tries to squirm out of my arms. I release her quickly and she runs to the bathroom.    " Erm, we'll be right back."    I run after her to help her. When I get her cleaned up, I pick her up and carry her bridal styles back into the room. When we do get in there, the rest of the lads are sitting on Brie's bed talking to the fans.    " Aren't they the cutest, Team Stylinson forever," Niall turns the laptop around so it's shooting us.    I wave at the camera and they turn it around.    " He's been taking care of her for days. He refuses to leave her side," Liam says.    " SarahStyles127 wants to know how long you and Brie have been together. Harry?" Zayn asks.    I shoo them off Brie's bed and tuck her in. We all sit down around her on the bed. I grab the laptop from them and sit it in my lap.   " Erm, only a few weeks, almost a month. I've known Brie for two years and it took me this long to tell her how I feel. I always had a crush on her but I was to shy to tell her."  " Aww, Styles!"  I lean down and kiss her forehead. The Twitcam last another hour or so. The lads mostly took it over doing a few calls and stuff. Brie wouldn't let me leave her side. She clung onto my for dear life.    " I never knew you felt that way," she whispered only low enough for me to hear.    " Well I do."    " I've always had a crush on you. It was the curls," she jokes.    " I knew it, I seduced you with the curls."    We laugh for a minute.    " If I could, I'd kiss you," she grins.    " You can," I smirk.    " Then I'd get you sick."    " Then you'd get to repay the favor."    She slaps my arm. She said she won't kiss me until she's better. Then I guess I'll just have to wait.   
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