Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



12. sick

    ~Brie’s POV~   ~1 Week later~   I wake up with an intense pain in my stomach. I escape from Harry’s grip and run wearily to the bathroom. Then I fall to my knees in front of the toilet. I start to empty out my stomach contents. I feel a pair of hands pull my hair out of the way and start to rub my back. When I stop throwing up, my throat burns. I flush the toilet and lean back into Harry’s chest. I close my eyes, I feel terrible. He puts a hand to my forehead.    “ I think you have a fever. Come on.”    He picks me up and carries me downstairs to the kitchen. He sets me down on the counter and starts looking through a cabinet above the sink. He pulls out a pink bottle and starts to measure some out. He hands it to me and gets me a glass of water. I swallow the medicine and quickly chug the water. He picks me back up and carries me to my bed. I look at the clock, it’s 9:30. I guess I had to get up at some point. He crawls back in next to me and he pulls me close. His phone beeps on my nightstand. He picks it up and looks at it, then he puts it back down.    “ Who was it?”    “ Celine.”    “ What’s up?”    “ She wants me to go shopping with her. But my girl is sick, so I’m staying here.”    “ No you should go. The fans need to think Heline is still together.”    “ I’m staying here with you.”    “ Please, I’ll get Niall or someone to take care of me. Go shopping with her, the fans need to believe it’s real.”    “ You sure?”    “ Yes I’m sure.”    “ Fine, but I’ll be checking in on you.”    “ Okay, go. Have fun.”    He kisses my forehead and walks out. I pick up my phone and text Niall.   Me: How good are you at playing doctor?    Nialler xx: Why? You okay?    Me: No, I need a doctor    He doesn’t reply. Suddenly, he bursts into the room.    “ Does somebody need a doctor?” he says in his announcer voice.    I giggle. He comes over and kneels in front of my bed.    “ You okay Brie-Brie?”    “ I feel terrible thanks for asking.”    “ Where’s Harry?”    “ Celine called and asked if he wanted to go shopping. I insisted he go to make sure the fans think Heline is real. So, be my doctor?”    “ Of course.”      ~Harry’s POV~   I change into a pair of chinos and a blazer. I grab my wallet and get out to my car. I told Celine that I’d meet her at the mall. I honestly didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay with Brie. But the fans do need to think Heline is real. Urg, I’m torn. I hop in the car and drive to the mall. I put on my sunglasses and go inside. I meet Celine at StarBucks. She kisses my cheek and we sit down.    “ So, how’ve you been?” she asks.    “ Good, except Brie’s sick.”    “ Aww, that’s just too bad.”    We order coffee and sit down and have a conversation. Mostly about her, I always hated that everything was always about her. I took another sip of my coffee listening to her sob story. Her father bought her the wrong color car for her birthday, she feels so misunderstood by her parents. Listen to my sob story. I’m stuck here talking to a spoiled, stuck up brat when I should be home taking care of my sick girlfriend. I mentally slap myself. Why didn’t you just stay home Haz? After coffee, she brags me to Victoria’s Secret. She wants my opinion on which bra looks better on her. One that isn’t stuffed with ten pounds of padding I want to say. But I pick the cheetah print one over the plain pink one. Now it’s off the Couch, she needs a new bag. I doubt that, she has about hundred of them. When we are done, we pass a sports store. The hockey sticks in the window make me think of Brie and how I should be home with her. Celine grabs my hand and pulls me into a perfume shop. It smells like straight up whore in here. After gagging over about ten perfumes, she drags me to a shoe store. This isn’t so bad. There’s a few pairs of shoes in here I’d actually wear. I pick up a pair of high tops, Brie would love these. I text Lou and ask her shoe size. An 8 and a half, I find the pair and meet Celine at checkout.    “ For you?” she scrunches up her face.    “ No, for Brie.”    “ Ohh,” she trails off.    I pay for the shoes and help Celine with her bags. She has about five or six huge ones. I carry them to her car and put them in the back.    “ Thanks Hazza,” she kisses me.   She gets in her car and drives off. I practically run to mine and drive home. I meet Liam, Louis, and Zayn in the living room when I get home.    “ How is she?”    “ She won’t stop throwing up and she’s running a high fever,” Liam answers.    I run up the stairs to her bedroom. She laying in bed with Niall. She looks sickly pale, with a hint of green. I walk to her side of the bed and kneel in front of her.    “ How are you holding up?”    “ Terribly. How was shopping?”   “ Okay. I got you something.”    “ You didn’t have to.”    “ It’s to make up for not being here.”    I hand her the bag and she pulls the shoebox out of it. She flips the lid and her whole face lights up.    “ Oh Styles, these must have cost a fortune.”   “ Only the best for you.”    She rolls her eyes and gives me a hug.    “ Thank you.”    “ You are most welcome.”    “ I guess I’ll let you take over Harry,” Niall says getting out of bed.    “ Thanks Nialler, for everything.”    “ No problem.”    He walks out of the room. I kick my shoes off and crawl into bed next to Brie. It doesn’t last long, she gets up and runs to the bathroom. I follow her and pull the hair out of her face. She throws up for about a minute then flushes the toilet. She wipes her mouth off and I help her stand. We walk back to her bed and lay down.   “ What’s wrong with me?”    “ I don’t know love. I’ll take you to the doctor tomorrow to get you checked out.”   “ Okay.”    She snuggles up into my chest. She’s so hot it scares me, I hold her a close as I can. Later she gets hungry. I switch off with Niall and go to make her some soup. I grab the can out of the cabinet and pull it into a bowl. I throw it in the microwave and wait till it’s down. When I come back upstairs, Niall and Brie are both in the bathroom.    “ Shh Brie-Brie it’s okay,” he coos. I put the soup down and go to help her. Niall rubs her back and I clean her up. We both help her back into bed, then Niall goes back downstairs. I sit her up and try to feed her the soup. She gets about five spoon fulls in and tells me she can’t eat anymore. I’m not going to force her. She lays back down and I put the soup on the nightstand. She puts Jack and Jill on and cuddles up next to me again. In the middle of the movie she falls asleep. I turn the tv off and take the soup downstairs.    “ She okay?” Zayn asks.    “ Yeah, she’s sleeping right now. Which is good.”    “ She’s thrown up a total of twenty three times today,” Niall says.    “ My mum thinks it’s the stomach virus,” Lou adds.    “ That’s what it sounds like,” Liam agrees.    I go back upstairs to find her sleeping. I get back into bed and hold her close to me. A little while later, my phone beeps.    Cel: My place ;)    Me: Nope, taking care of my girl   Cel: I thought I was ur girl :*    Me: You know that Heline is fake   Cel: But I thought what you and I had was special.    Me: Celine, it was never special. You were rubbing up every guys leg every time we went out. You knew about Brie last week   Cel: Fine have it your way    I put my phone down. I hate to admit it but Celine is a total slut. Everytime we went out, she’d been flirting with all these other guys practically throwing herself at them. She wears the most revealing clothes ever and she covers her face in heavy make-up. It disgusts me, but it’s what Simon wants. I really wish I didn’t care about what Simon wanted. But I do and I follow it. Brie starts to stir. She sits up, tears roll down her cheeks.    “ You alright love?”    “ Just a nightmare.”    “ I’ll protect you.”    I pull her close and kiss the top of her head. She leans her head on my chest and tries to go back to sleep. Soon all I can hear is her soft snores. Niall comes into the room.    “ Need to switch off?”    “ Erm yeah.”    I slide off the bed and Niall crawls in with her. He pulled her onto his chest and stroked her hair. I grab my phone of the nightstand and go to my room. I sit down on my bed and dial Celine’s number.    “ Hey baby,” she answered.    “ We need to talk.”    “ Okay talk.”    “ You know that you and I fake date. It’s nothing more then an act. I’m together with Brie, you know that.”    “ Why are you even with her? I thought you had a thing for older women, not children.”    “ Brie’s not a child. She has more dignity and self worth then you do.”    “ Yeah right, whatever Hazza. You deserve a women, not a child. I could be that women.”    “ No thank you. This conversation is over, we are an act nothing more.”    I hang up. I’m so done with this fake relationship. I change out of my clothes and put on some sweatpants. When I go back into Brie’s room, Niall is asleep holding her. I turn the light off and close the door behind me. Then I go downstairs and sit on the couch with Lou.    “ Why aren’t you with Brie?” he asks.    “ Niall fell asleep with her.”    " You okay?”    “ Yeah, I just don’t want to pretend to be with Celine anymore.”    He pats my shoulders,” It’s okay, I’m sure it won’t be for too much longer.”    I wanted to believe him, but a part of me said it wasn’t true.  


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