Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



15. Second date


  ~Harry's POV~   " Fired! What do you mean I'm fired!?" I scream at him.   It's be a week since I let out the Heline secret. Simon had called me for a private meeting today to discuss my actions. Fired, fired from being in One  Direction. My dream, my job, my entire life just came crashing down on top of me. How could he? All I did was tell the truth. Team Stylinson is more popular then Heline ever was. I'm beyond pissed right now.    " You went against what I said and told the world about Heline. You made me look awful to your whole fanbase! I told you Brie was no good for you. She is a lovely girl, don't get me wrong. But she's too young. I will not be thrown under the bus for this. You are fired unless you dump Brie and go back out with Celine. That is finally, you may go."    He goes back to the work on his desk. I storm out of the headquarters and jump into my Audi. But I don't drive away just yet. I put my forehead on the steering wheel and sit in silence. I just got fired from the best job I've ever had. My dream just died, I lost it. I just lost one of the most important things in my life. What am I going to tell the lads? What am I going to tell my family? What am I going to tell Brie? How am I going to tell them? My phone interrupts my thought. I unlock it and look at a text.    Brie xx: Heyy Curly, you done the meeting yet? I miss you.    Me: Yeah Tommo, I'll be home soon.    Brie xx: Okay, hurry back!   Me: :)   She got better a few days ago. I still got to hold her and be with her, and make her laugh. It doesn't matter if I never kissed her again. Kissing is just a huge plus in our relationship. I put my phone back in my pocket and start the car. I drive to McDonald's first and pick up lunch. I drive home right after and park my car in the driveway. I clomp up the stairs and put on my best fake smile. I walk in the door and into the living room.    " FOOD!" Niall yells and jumps up.   " Not for you Niall. Go get your own!" I say holding the bag behind my back.    He pouts and goes to the kitchen to find some food. Brie's sitting on the couch with Louis and Zayn. Liam is in the recliner. I walk over to Brie and pull her up. Then I scoop her up in my arms. She giggles a bit.    " You're coming with me!"    I grab a blanket off the back off the couch and walk to the front door.    " We'll be back later," I call.    Then I close the door behind us.      ~Brie's POV~    I'm wearing the new high tops Harry bought me. All of my hair is pushed into the beanie because I was too lazy to do anything else with it. It's been almost an hour since Harry's been gone. I text him to see if he is done the meeting. I get a text a minute later saying he'd be home soon.  He send back a funny smiley face. I promised him after I wasn't sick anymore, I'd kiss him again. I was bored up in my room and decided to go hang out with the boys. They were sitting in the living room being the dorks that they are. I plop down inbetween Lou and Zayn. Everyone greets me and I greet them back.    " Nice shoes," Zayn teases.    " Shut up!" I slap his arm.    He chuckles. I shake my head and lean on Lou's shoulder.    " Hey baby girl," he says.    " Hey older bro."    " Remember the nicknames we made up when we were little. Oh what were they!?"    " You were Crash and I was Bash," I giggle.    " No I was Bash and you were Crash!"he protested.   " You liar!"    " Nuh uh."    " Ya huh."    " Nuh uh."    " Ya huh."    " Nuh uh."    " Ya huh."    We go on like this for a few minutes. He's lying and I know it. He didn't even remember the names so how would he know which one he was. I swear he makes no sense. Zayn outs our bickering to rest after a while.    " If you too don't shut up I'm going to Bash and Crash you both  into the wall!"    " And I'll be helping," Liam added.    " Me too," Niall joined in.    " Fine," I grumble.    I cross my arms across my chest.    " Sorry Bash," Lou says.    " I'm sorry too Crash."    We both giggle and he kisses my head. Just the Harry comes in through the door. He walks into the living room with a McDonald's bag in his hands.    " FOOD!" Niall yells and jumps off the recliner running to Harry.   " Not for you Niall. Go get your own!" he say putting the bag behind my back.    He pouts and goes to the kitchen to find some food. He walks over to me and pulls me up. Then he scoops me up in his arms. I can't help but giggle.    " You're coming with me!"    Which makes me giggle more. He grabs a blanket from the couch and walks us to the front door.    " We'll be back later," he calls over his shoulder.    Then he closes the door behind us. He walks to his car and puts me in the passenger side. He throws the blanket in the back along with the food. He starts up the car and without a word drives down the street.    " Where are we going?" I ponder.    " You'll see," he smirks.    I study his face. Something is off, I just know it. He seems different, something is bothering him. What's wrong with my Curly? Finally I can't take it anymore.    " What's wrong Styles?" I ask.    " Nothing just missin' your kissin'," he say cheekily.    I roll my eyes and lean over and connect my lips with his. It only last a second then I break it off.    " Now tell me what's really wrong."    " Nothing Brie, everything is fine."    " Okay."    I decide to drop it. He'll tell me eventually I'm sure. He pulls onto a dirt road, I immediately perk up. The woods surround us. I love the woods and camping. We used to do it all the time before mum and dad got divorced. I pushed that thought out of my head. A few minutes later, Harry parks the car in front of a lake.   " Oh my gosh it's beautiful!"    " Not as beautiful as you."    He grabs the food, drinks, and blanket. I get out of the car with him and take a deep breath. Ah, it smells amazing here. Harry set up a little sitting area for us on the bank of the lake. I walk over and sit down on the blanket. I untie my shoes and set them off the blanket. He pulls out the food and I quickly dig in.    " Hungry much?" he chuckles.    " Yes, I'm like a mini Niall."    He shakes his head and takes a bite out of his sandwich.      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     " Thank you for the lovely second date," I say on the car ride home.    " Your welcome. I quite enjoyed those kisses," he laughs.    I start to turn a light shade of pink. I bite my lower lip. Curse you Styles for making me blush! I turn on the radio and Beyonce's Halo comes on. I start to sing it. I love this song it's one of my favorites. Urg, I wish I had my guitar. Harry turns the radio down and soon my voice is the only thing that fills the car. I stop.   " Keep going I love hearing you sing," he whines.    " Fine."    I pick up where I should have left off. I know this song by heart. After I finish he starts cheering. Le rolls eyes again.    " Amazing."    " You can sing higher then I can."    " So, doesn't mean you're not amazing."    " Yeah, yeah sure."    He puts his one hand on my thigh and starts to rub it. He leans over and kisses my cheek. His warm lips on mine give me butterflies. I bite my lip again because I know I'm blushing. It's almost pitch black out when we get back home. I check my phone, it's only 9:12. We walk up to the front door hand in hand and go inside. The boys are in the living room watching Toy Story 3.    " Save us, Liam is making us watch this," Lou moans.    " Shut up!" Liam says.    We both chuckle and sit down on the floor. Harry pulls me into his lap and wraps his arms around me waist. Blushing=lip biting=annoyed Brie. But I guess it's okay. At the end of the movie Liam starts tearing up. I have to bite back a laugh, he's so silly. After the movie, Harry takes me up to my room and I get changed. I kiss Harry goodnight and send him out of my room. I had decided earlier that we need to stop sleeping together or he'll get to used to it and be even worse on tour then he already is going to be. When summer ends, they go back on tour and I go back to school. I can't go with Harry on tour because I have school. But we promised to call, text, and Skype everyday. I know I'm going to miss him so much. Which is why we need to get used to this now and make it easier on ourselves. I take out my contacts and crawl into my bed. I turn my nightstand lamp off and turn on my side and fall asleep. 


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