Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



18. Liam?


  Brie's POV~     I wake up in my bed at home. I still have my shoes on and the same outfit. I look at my nightstand clock, 2:07 am. I slept through the whole day and almost night. Well technically it's morning, shut up no one cares. I turn my lamp on and get out of bed, I dig through my suitcases. Come on pajamas, where are you? I find them and put them on.  I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep for awhile. So I tiptoed out of my room and went to go downstairs. I saw the kitchen light on and I could hear my mother still sleeping in her room. Someone's in the house! I go back to my room and pull my thickest hockey stick out of the closet. I tiptoe silently down the stairs and and lean up against the wall. I take a deep breath and run into the kitchen. I'm about to swing my stick at the intruder until I see who it is.      " Liam?"      " Hi Brie."      I lower my stick. How the heck did Liam get into my house? Was he alone? I leaned my stick up against the wall and gave him a hug.      " Liam, you scared the crap out of me." I slap his arm.      " Sorry."      " What are you doing here?"      " I came to talk."      I roll my eyes," That's what phones are for Li-Li."      " Yes, but you won't answer yours."      " I was going to turn it back on. And I do have a land line," I point to the home phone.      " Would you even have listened on the phone?" he challenges.      I don't say anything. I probably just would have hung up on him, just like I did with Zayn.      " Are the others here?"      " No, they don't even know I left."      " Bad daddy. You left your children behind," I tease.      He chuckles a bit.      " You want some tea? I was about to make some before I had to go all ninja on you."      " Yes please and thank you."      I go over and fill the kettle with water and put it on the stove. That's going to take sometime to boil. Liam and I go out in the living room and sit on the couch. I grab a blanket from the basket and wrap it around myself. It's cold down here, geez it's like an igloo in here.      " So what did you want to talk about?"      " What happened yesterday."      I feared that's what it was. I could feel that lump in my throat again. I motioned for him to talk because I no longer could.      " Harry's heartbroken. He won't get off the couch, he's been in that same spot since yesterday. He won't eat and he won't drink. He fell asleep right before I left, which was about midnight. Brie he loves you, you know that right. You have to come back or something bad can happen. He's starving himself."      " Li, you know that I can't. He needs to follow his dream, which is being in One Direction. He can't be in One Direction if I'm there. He needs to go back and date Celine for real this time. His life will never be normal with me there. I have nothing to offer him, he needs someone who can give him everything. I can't, I'm 14 and in school. Why doesn't anyone get that?"      " Because like you said, Harry taught you that age is just a number. We still have the whole summer left before we have to worry about One Direction. Besides we all quit, Simon is kisses our butts to get us back. Team Stylinson can still work, don't you see?"      I hear the whistle from the kettle in the kitchen. I get up and drape the blanket over my shoulders and walk to the kitchen. I grab two tea cups from the cabinet and the cream and sugar. I fix the two teas and carry them carefully out into the living room. I hand Liam his and sit mine on the coffee table to cool.      " I know you love him Brie, come back to us."      He gives me these huge puppy dog eyes. Argh I hate when people do that. Don't get seduced, don't get seduced. I don't make eye contact with him, I sit thinking. I grab my tea and sip it, the tea warms me quickly. I'm trying to stalk Liam's question as long as I can, I'm afraid to answer it. We sit quietly sipping our tea.      " Come on Brie, what are you afraid off?"      " It's not that I'm afraid. What if I'm just not good enough for Harry? There are so many other girls in the world his age. Beautiful, talented, accomplished. Why should he be tied down to me?"      " You're just making that up. If you weren't good enough for Harry's taste, he would have dumped you already. The fans loved you, Team Stylinson was a hit. We were un-blackmailed and can make any terms we want to go back to One Direction. What's the real reason you won't go back."     " I'm so scared to go back and have Celine hurt me," I whisper.  " Celine? Hurt you? Are you crazy, you could totally take her own. You almost had me subdued a while ago," he laughs.      " She threatened me Liam. But she wasn't going to hurt me directly, it's more of an indirect notion."      " Elaborate please."      " She said that she was going to hurt Harry. She didn't exactly tell me how but she's capable of more then you think. She may seem like the dumb blonde type, but she cunning, manipulative, and witty. I can't put Harry in danger like that."      " Louis was right, you are a saint."      " My mum and him have called me that since I was little."      I take another sip if my tea. Celine had came to the house last Wednesday when the boys went food shopping. I stayed home because I was too lazy to go. She broke into the house and threatened me. Her exact words were," If you don't stay away from Harry, I will hurt him. Look up the BackStreet Girl on Google, you'll realize who you're dealing with." After she left, I search up the BackStreet Girl. It was a string of murders and kidnappings all of Europe. She was never found but she always leaves a 'BSG' spray painted at the scene of her crime. I was horrified and fearful for Harry's life. I could never live with myself if I had been the cause of his death. I relayed the information to Liam and he turned pale. I wiped a few tears away from my face and finished my tea. I put the cup on the table and cuddled up next to Liam. He wrapped his arm around me reassuringly.


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