Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



8. falling for him

Brie POV~   I start to get ready for my date with Harry. I go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. I walk back into the bedroom and slip the dress on. I realize I can't zip it up myself. Shit. I grab my phone and text Lou-Lou.    Me: Can you come zip me up?    Lou-Lou<3: Sure thing love xx   A few minutes later, he unlocks the door. I hold the dress up in front of me. He pushes my hair out of the way, I flinch because his hands are cold. He grabs the zipper and pulls it up slowly, then he fixes my hair back.    " Aren't you going to turn around?" he asks.    " Nope, you're not aloud to see me," I tease.    " Fine," he yells.    I giggle as he slams the door and re-locks it. He stamps down the stairs, I shake my head. God, I love him. I walk over to my mirror and examine my face. It looks okay, I'm not putting any make-up on. I never have and I won't for a while. I stick a plain black headband in my wavy hair. I sit down on my bed and lace up my Chuck Taylors. Finally, I go to my closet and pull out my black purse. I only own one and I never use it. I put my phone, inhaler, and wallet in it and wrap it around my chest. My nightstand clock reads 7:59. I sit on my bed and wait. A minute later I hear a knock. I turn around and almost fall of my bed. Harry is in my window! I walk over and open it and he climbs in. He's in a black blazer and dress trousers. He stares at me for a minute.    " What are you doing?" I ask.    "just thinking that you couldn't be more pretty"   I blush a little.   " You really do look stunning Brie," he says.   " You don't look bad yourself."    " You never change," he points to the Chuck Taylor's.    " Nope."    "Come on," he takes my hand and pulls me toward the window.   He steps out onto a ladder and begins climbing down. I do the same, soon we are on the ground. He takes the ladder and puts it on the side of the house. Then he takes my hand and leads me down the sidewalk. Not too far down the road is a park. We enter and follow along the path. We play 20 questions as we walk.    “ Favorite color?” I ask    “ Pink, yours?”    “ Green.”    “ Favorite food?”    “ Tacos!” I cheer.    “ Mine too.”    “ Last person you dated?”    “ Your brother.”    We both start laughing hysterically.    “ I’m just kidding her name was Nina. Last guy you dated?”    “ Um, I never dated anyone before. This is my first date ever.”    “ Then I’m honored,” he smiles.    Everything is perfect, Harry is perfect. So as far as first dates go, this is a pretty good one. We come to a gazebo, it's covered in yellow lights. They remind me of stars almost. I look up at them in awe, he hung them from the ceiling.    “ Brie, I kinda have a surprise for you,” Harry said sheepishly.    “ You do?”    “ Yeah, sit.”    He points to the bench across the gazebo. I walk over and take a seat. Niall walks out of the darkness and joins Harry on the opposite side of the gazebo. I don’t understand. I broke out of “jail” and he’s over there smiling. I shake my head, that boy. He’s holding his guitar. Oh my god is Harry gonna....... as if on cue Niall starts strumming his guitar. The song, a song I’ve heard a million times before, a song I love.    I don’t know but I think I maybe Fallin’ for you Dropping so quickly Maybe I should Keep this to myself Waiting ’til I Know you better   I am trying Not to tell you But I want to do I’m scared of what you’ll say So I’m hiding what I’m feeling But I’m tired of Holding this inside my head   I’ve been spending all my time Just thinking about ya I don’t know what to do I think I’m fallin’ for you I’ve been waiting all my life And now I found ya I don’t know what to do  I think I’m fallin’ for you I’m fallin’ for you   He continues the song, he comes over and takes my hand. As he sing, he looks into my eyes. I think my eyes are tearing up because he feels the same. My stomach is in knots and I can barely breathe. He finishes the song.    “ Briseida Marie Tomlinson, it’s safe to say I’ve fallen for you. Ever since I met you two years ago, I’ve felt different. No other girl has given me butterflies or goosebumps or even chills,” he says.    “ You get them too?” I ask.    He nods,” I know this is crazy but................ will you be my girlfriend?”    I stare into those green orbs and smile from ear to ear. “ Yes!” He picks me up and spins me around. I feel like a little kid again. I let out a squeal and Harry puts me back down.    “ Well prisoner I believe it’s time to go back to your cell,” Niall teases.    “ Can I stay a little longer? Please, please, please,” I plead.    “ Fine, you have twenty minutes. Then I want you back in your cell.” he walks of leaving Harry and I alone.    “ Dance with me,” Harry pleads. He pulls me to the center of the gazebo.. His arms find their way around my waist. I blush as he pulls me even closer to his body. I wrap my arms around his neck and we sway back and forth to no music at all. Then he dips me, he holds me there a minute our faces almost touching. He pulls me back up and twirls me around. We just keep swaying for a while. He lifts me off my feet and pulls me toward his face. Then his soft lips touch mine. Bam! Fireworks start flying. Not actually fireworks, but that’s how it felt. We hold it for a few seconds then we broke off. We’re both blushing.    “ I think we need to head back,” he says disappointedly.    I groan but agree. We start the walk back, I turn around and watch the gazebo disappear into the darkness. We make it back to the flat and go through the front door. Lou, Niall, Liam, and Zayn are sitting in the living room. They stare at me for a few minutes, finally I can’t take it.    “ What?”    “ You’re just beautiful, that’s all love,” Liam blushes.    Everyone else nods in agreement. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. I let go of Harry’s hand and sit on Lou’s lap. He embraces me for a minute or two.    “ I believe I owe you a song,” he says.   “ I believe so.”    “ Ready for bed?” he asks.    “ Yes, I think so,” I yawn.    I get up and say my goodnights. I hug them all but Harry plants a kiss on my cheek.    “ Harold!” Lou screams.    We both blush and Lou pulls me up to my room. He sits and waits on my bed while I change in the bathroom. I put the pajamas from last night and braid my hair back. I come back out and crawl into bed with Lou. He takes my glasses and turns off the nightstand lamp. He starts singing ‘Look After You’ by: The Fray. My eyelids get real heavy. His beautiful voice soothes me and I drift off into a peaceful sleep.


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