Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



11. Celine


    ~Harry's POV~   " Guys, we need to talk," Liam says seriously.    " What's up Li?" Brie asks taking a bite of her cereal.    He pauses for a second. I stare at him intently, what could be wrong?    " Simon called. He's um not happy."    " About what?" I ask.    " Well um, everyone thinks your cheating on Celine."    " Who's Celine?" Brie asks her lip quivering.    She gets off my lap and runs upstairs.  Lou slaps the back of my head.    " You didn't tell her?" he yells.    " No, I didn't tell her."    " You're so dumb."    He gets up and goes upstairs. What the hell have I done?      ~Brie's POV~   I run upstairs and locked my door behind me. Then I flop on my bed and cry. Harry's scent fills the pillow my face is in. I cry harder and throw the pillow across the room He cheated on his girlfriend with me? I'm his second choice, he crappy second choice. There's a knock on my door.    " Sedia-bear, it's me baby girl. Open up," Lou says from the other side of the door.   I blindly walked to the door and unlocked it. I walked back over to my bed and laid back down. Lou comes in and lays down next to me. He pulls me close to him and strokes my hair.   " How could you let me go out with him when you knew he had a girlfriend?" I yelled at him.   " It's fake Brisedia, I'd never let that happen to you you know that!"   " W-what do you mean it's fake?"   " Simon has Harry fake date Celine because it looks good. Now because of the picture and the video, they think he's cheating. He looks pretty bad right now."   So I'm not Harry's second choice. He actually likes me like he said he did. I feel horrible for believing that he was using me. I wipe my eyes and get out of Lou's arms. I kiss him on the cheek and go to run downstairs. I bump into someone on the stairs. I look up into his gorgeous green eyes. They are red and watery. I wrap my arms around his waist.   " I'm sorry Styles."   " No I'm sorry. I should have told you about Celine. I have no feelings for her, I only have feelings for you."   " I know."   He takes my hand and leads me downstairs. We sit back down in the kitchen and I finish my cereal. Liam says that they have an interview later today. Harry was going to tell everyone one that we weren't dating. But then we secretly will be together. It was all confusing but I went with it. I would still be with Harry and he would still have his good reputation. It's a win  I guess.   ------------------------------------------------------------------   " So Harry is the scandal with you and Louis's sister true," the interviewer asked.   He takes Celine's hand," No, she's just one of my best friends. I'm completely committed to Celine."   They audience goes crazy, they really like Heline. Tell yourself it's fake, tell yourself it's fake. I couldn't help but be jealous, I wanted the fans to acept Harry and I as a couple. Keep your cool, Harry likes you not Celine.   " We are getting a lot of requests for this but, will you guys kiss?" the interviewer ponders.   " Sure."   He leans in and kisses her. I can feel my blood boiling. Harry.Celine. Kissing. I flared my nostrils. Calm down Brie! The interview ends and the boys come off stage. Harry picks me up and spins me around.   " We're free!" he whisper shouts.   " We're free."   He scans the room. Then he crashes his lips into mine. I kiss back, then he breaks it. He takes my hand and leads me over to Celine.   " Cel this is Brie. Brie this is Celine," Harry introduces us.   " Hi," we shake hands.   " Harry c'mere we need you," Lou calls from across the room.   " I'll be right back."   He walks off leaving me with Celine.   " Stay away from him," she says coldly.   " Excuse me?"   " You heard me, he's mine."   " You wish bitch."   With that I walk off, using all my sass to shake my butt as I leave. I smile to myself. No slut is going to push me around.    Her face was caked in make-up, orange make-up, She made me want to throw up. How did Simon think she was could for Harry? She is one of the fakest people I've ever seen. I walk up to Harry and lean on his arm.   " Hey we're ready to go. Ready?"   " Yes."   He takes my hand and all of us walk out. As we pass Celine waves to Harry and glares at me. Whatever, she's not getting me down. Now Harry and I can be together.  


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