Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



24. Busted


  ?¿?¿ POV      I watch them walking around. He's holding her hand, and their laughing. It's all pretend, he doesn't really love her. He feels so bad that she's so ugly that he forces himself on her. I'd feel bad for her too, if I gave a crap. But she'll pay, oh she'll pay for taking him away. Who does she think she is, walking in here and taking my man? Oh no, she didn't! She just leaned over and kissed him cheek. Oh she's gonna pay! But good things do come to those who wait, so I won't strike yet. I'll get her alone and then I'll make her pay. She won't even see it coming, she doesn't even know who I am. It's the perfect plan really. No, Heline or Team Stylinson, just me and my Harry. All alone, forever and ever and ever and ever. Just you wait Brisedia Tomlinson, just you wait!               ~Brie's POV~      " Where are we going?" I ask Harry as we start walking up the street hand in hand.       " Crazy!" he yelled lifting me up onto his shoulders.       " Whoa I can see everything from up here!"       " The shorty's not short anymore," he teases.       " Shut up!       He chuckles and starts down the street. Then he breaks into a run and I start to wobble back and forth. I bend and grab onto his neck trying not to fall off. He just laughs and keeps running. Harry stops a few minutes later and set me down, but that's not the end of it. He grabs both of my hands and start spinning me, soon my feet aren't even on the ground and he's spinning me in circles. I'm laughing like crazy, I haven't done any of this stuff since I was younger. When he stops we both plop on the ground in a heep.      " What are we doing?"       " Going crazy like I told you. We haven't even pranked anyone yet come on!" he replies.       Then he pulls me up and we keep walking. He takes me to the market and we buy eggs, toilet paper, and silly string. I don't know why we're doing this but I don't care, this is going to be fun. We leave the market with our goodies and go to find a victim. I suggest we use my mean neighbor, Mrs. Girchik. Harry likes my idea and we set up for the pranks. I decide that I'm going to egg her mail box and front porch while he t.p.'s the house. Then we are going to silly string her bushes and car. This is going to be so fun! But it needed to get a little bit darker so we could sneak around unseen. We took the opportunity to go back to my house and eat since we were both hungry.       " I'm cooking!" Harry cheers.       " No let me do it!" I protest.       " Nope, but you can be my sexy assistant," he smirks.       " Pass."       He pouts and goes into the kitchen to cook whatever. I run upstairs to change into something warmer. The temperature drops at night and I don't want to be cold. I close my door, leaving it open a crack. Then I go to my closet and raid it for something warm and stealthy to wear.       I pick out a yellow sweater and some jeans. so much warmer. I need to wear my combat boots more often, they are so comfortable! I spin around to leave when I see something move outside my door. I open it quickly to see Harry trying to hide in Lou's room. Oh god did he just watch me......change!!!!!       " Harry!"       He opens Lou's door and walks out slowly.       " Yes, Tommo?" he asks innocently.       " Did you just watch me change!?"       " Well um I came up to ask you where you keep the pots. But erm I got a little distracted," he blushes, bowing his head.       " You naughty boy you! We keep the pots in the top cabinet, go." I push him towards the stairs.       He pouts again, but obeys and goes down the stairs. What am I going to do with him? I go back to my room and shut my light off, then I go downstairs to go to the kitchen. Harry is boiling water on the stove. I hide right outside of the kitchen, watching him. Is that creepy? No, no its not, maybe, who cares I can do what I want. He's singing softly to himself as he works, I can't see what he;s doing though. I listen to his beautiful voice getting pulled under his spell.       " You can come out now," he sing songs.       He knows I'm watching him? Man, he's good. I strut out into kitchen and walk over to see what he's doing. He pushes me away quickly.       " Sing with me then you get food."       " Only for the food," I tease.       He starts to hum the melody of 'Halo'. I smile, he remembered my favorite song. I put up a finger so he waits, I bolt out of the room and put upstairs to get my guitar. I come back down with it and start to play it from the beginning. Harry smiles and sings with me, stumbling over a bunch of words. I don't care at least he tried. I stopped after about the chorus and demanded food. He just rolled his eyes and went to the stove to fix my plate. I set my guitar down and sit down at the table. Harry comes over with two bowels of pasta, that's a shocker. Sarcasm. We eat quickly so we can go prank my neighbors. Before we go, we transfer the supplies into my backpack and we slip out into the cold night. Across the street is Mrs. Girchick's house. I hand Harry the toilet paper and I grab out one carton of eggs. We get to work and trash the outside of her house. Then I pull out the silly string to finish off the job. I spray it on her car, all over her bushes, and some on her front door. Harry had to drag me away so we still had some silly string left for other victims. We continued this cycle until we were out of supplies. And guess what? We didn't even get caught!  At about midnight we came got back to my house in a fit of laughter. What I forgot was my mum was home, she was waiting for us when we got in. Oh shit.       " Where were you two?" she asks.       " Out," I reply.       " Doing what might I ask?"       " I was just showing Brie how you prank call the boys of One Direction. Firstly, you have to act like your an american girl or some other origin. Then you have to flirt like crazy. When they are really interested, you pretend to be the jealous boyfriend and you threaten to beat them up. Your son fell hard for that," he starts cracking up.       I follow along knowing if my mum really found out what we did she'd ground me.       " fun. Well I'm off to bed, don't stay up too late."       She gives me a hug and kiss and does the same for Harry. When she goes upstairs we both sigh in relief.       " That was close. We were almost grounded."       " What's this we business? She can't ground me," Harry protests.       " Don't be so sure Harold!" Mum calls from upstairs.       I cover my mouth with my hand. We just got busted.   


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