Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



25. Bitch


  ~Harry's POV~         " So you went and pranked the neighbors!" Jay accuses from the top of the stairs.         " How would you know that?" Brie challenges.         " It's called a window Brisedia."         Brie shuts up quickly, defeated. I bite down on my lip as Jay re-descends the stairs. She stands in front of us with her arms crossed, annoyed look plastered all over her face. We stood in total silence, she just stared at us. Almost like a mad stare down or something. Whatever she was doing was just creeping me out. Finally she did say something.         " You're both grounded for a week."         " But Mum that's not fair. We didn't do anything bad!" Brie protests.         " Two weeks and you aren't aloud to see each other during those weeks."         " Jay ple-"         " Would you like to make that three weeks Harold?"         My mouth shut instantly. I didn't want to lose Brie for two weeks let alone three. I only got her back two days ago. Well not officially, I never re-asked her out. But I was planning on it, tonight actually. Well this is just perfect. Jay starts to lay down the rules for the next two weeks. No, talking, texting, emailing, Skyping, nothing. I'm not aloud to have any contact with her, maybe a brief glance if she walks in the room. We can do anything else but actually communicate or touch each other. Hell, I'm barely aloud to look at her! I'm not going to make it, I'm going to die the first couple of days without her. This is never going to work, never. But Jay got it into my head that she's in charge. She can be extremely persuasive when she's holding a flat iron to my scalp. I guess she had that hot and ready for when I was going to protest that she couldn't ground me. Smart lady.         " One last hug and kiss. Then Brisedia your going to bed and Harold your on the couch."         I fiercely grab her and pull her into a tight hug. Then I pull apart from her and kiss her quickly, feeling awkward in front of her mum. Then her mum grabbed her wrist and yanked her up the stairs with her. I walked over to the couch and flopped on it face first. I messed this up. If we had just went on a normal date this wouldn't have happened. But we're not normal so I don't know why I try. Now I'm stuck on the couch and I can't see her for two weeks. Two weeks, that's 14 days, a bunch of hours, a ton of minutes, and a bizillion seconds. I'm going to die.           *The Next Day*         " Why aren't you guys home yet!?" Lou whines into the phone.         " We got grounded for two weeks."         " What did you do!? I swear if you even did what I think you did, I WILL KILL YOU!!"         " No, Lou. We went and pranked your neighbors."         " She was waiting up when you got home?"         " Yup." I sigh.         " Nothing gets past her, I swear."         " Your telling me."         " So, two weeks?"         " Two weeks."         " See you guys then. Bye!"         " Bye Lou."         I hang up and put my phone away. This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life. I saw Brie in the kitchen when I went to get breakfast. She walked back out quickly muttering a low 'sorry'. I just wanna go up to her room and hold her. For no reason at all, just cause I love her and I miss her. Her mum may be at work, but we still obey her rules just in case she has like video cameras around. She might, she's definitely capable of more then I thought. Look at the situation we're in, I never saw this coming. Especially from her, maybe my mum or Zayn's, but not Jay. It just doesn't happen, it's not her personality. But I was wrong cause I'm sleeping on the couch now. This trip is going worse then I thought.             ~Brie's POV~        I just wanna die. I can't see Harry for two weeks, I think someone stomped on my heart again. Why does my mum have to be such a bitch? All we did was toilet paper the trees for Christ sakes. It's not like we broke into the house and robbed them. Normal teenage stuff, understatement I guess. But Amber keeps texting me non-stop about some new boy in town. Amber is my bff.She's got her panties in a twist over him, his name is Haden or Haven or something. I wasn't paying attention when I was texting her. Harry just won't leave my head, not that I want him too. If he stays there, I might be able to function for the next two weeks without him. Wonder how he's doing, probably just as bad as me. A text message from Amber interrupts me.         Amber xx: Come hang out with Haven and me. He's so hot!!!!        Me: I don't know Amb. I'm still upset over last night ):        Amber xx: But if we hang out you won't be (:         Me: Ugh, let me get dressed.         I threw my phone down on my bed and went to my closet. I'm just going to wear sweats or something, I don't need to impress anyone. Not that I would have cared anyway. Like I said I really don't care what I look like. It's not like I'm going to be around anyone that matters. There's a backpocket in the sweatpants, I slip my phone into it and head downstairs. Harry is sitting on the couch, I ignore him the best I can and head out the front door. That was so hard, I just wanna hug him and be with him right now. But no I have to be grounded from him and going out with Amberand some other boy. Why can't Amber and I just hang out, alone? Her house is only around the corner so I get there quickly. Her house is like my second house, same with her family. I just walk into their house without knocking. Her mum waves to me from the kitchen. I return the motion and head up to Amber's room.         " Are you sick or something?" she asks when I walk in.         " No, this is what I felt like wearing."         " Where's you hightops and beanie. Your not yourself."         " I told you what happened last night."         " So what," she says while applying more make-up.         " Haven is super hot. Harry will be there when two weeks are up."         " No, Amber. I'm here to hang out with you, not some boy. He can be hear but I'm not talking to him," I huff.         " Wait to you see him, you'll talk."         I flop down on her bed tired of that conversation. I don't care how hot he is, I'm not talking to him. There's a soft knock on the door a few minutes, I guess that's him. Amb opens the door and the boy walks in.             M-maybe I will talk, a little.           *3 hours later*           " I gotta go guys," I told them.         " Let me walk you," Haven offers.        " Sure."         I give Amber a hug. She winks at me. Oh god he's just being nice, I'm not into him. I'll admit he's attractive, but not even compared to Harry. Besides I'd rather walk home with him then be alone. Amber can have him cause I don't want him. We leave her house and start towards mine. It's silent mostly, a couple of comments here and there. Mostly it's just awkward, but better then walking alone.         " This is me. Thanks for walking me," I tell him when we get there.         " No problem Brie. See ya round?"         " Sure."         He gives me a quick hug, then jogs in the direction of Amb's house. Shaking my head, I walk in the door. Harry is still on the couch, just in a different position with a different pair of clothes on. I wave shyly to him, fighting the urge to walk over and kiss him like I usually would.         " Who was he?"         " Who? Haven?"         " Is that his name?" he makes a disgutsed face.        " Yeah. We really aren't supposed to be talking Curly," I tease.         " Were you flirting with him!?"         " No!"         My phone beeps just then. I excuse myself and look at the text.         Unknown: Hey babe, it's Haven (:         I giggle at it. Harry takes my phone and looks at it.         " Doesn't look like it to me!" he sneers.         " That's not what it looks like."         " How am I supposed to trust you if you are out flirting with boys!" he yells.         " How am I supposed to trust you when you go on tour! There's all these girl who are so pretty and then there's temptation and I'll leave your head and bam!"         " There is no bam! It's me and you and no one else. But obviously you feel different!"         " Your so full of your self and jealous! I just met this Haven kid, how could you even think I'm cheating on you!"         I don't even bother to hearwhat he has to say. I storm upstairs to my room shutting and locking the door. He doesn't trust me? How can he not trust me? I've given him no reason not to. Haven just had to walk me home and Harry just had to see. Now I'm fighting with him when I'm not even supposed to be talking to him in the first place.         " Open up Brie!" he calls banging on my door.         " Nope, I'm just an unfaithful girlfriend to you so I'll stay in here."         " Brisedia! Open the door!"         " Never!"         " Fine, you two timing bitch!"         My heart just broke in two. He just called me a cheating bitch, oh my god! I throw my pillow against the door as hard as possible.         " GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY DOOR YOU TWAT!!!!"         There's nothing, just silence. The tears just start to pour out. Harry doesn't trust me. Harry doesn't believe me. Harry called me a cheating bitch. I cry harder, wishing I'd never agreed to hang out with Amber and Haven. But I just had to go and be a people pleaser. Oh lets please Amber and hang out with her. Let's please Haven and actually talk to him. Let's let Haven walk you home cause he's nice. Now everything  is going even worse then before.   


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