Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



17. Back to Doncaster


  ~Brie's POV~     I walked to the corner and got on the bus. The driver said that the ride would be about a half an hour due to other stops. I thanked him and took and seat in the very back. My phone started blowing up with texted messages and calls. Since there were only a few people on the bus, I answered a call from Zayn.  " Hello."      " Sedia get arse back here. Summer isn't even close to over, it's been a month and one week. You still have another month and three weeks. If I have to get on a train and go to Doncaster to get you I will!"      " Malik calm your arse down. You know why I left, I had too."      " No you didn't, we blackmailed Simon."      " What?"      " Louis told him that if Harry was out, we all were. He's been calling here non-stop to try to get us back. You can still be with Harry if you come back right now."      " I-I can't. It's not right, age may be just a number,  jail is just a room, and blue is just a color. He needs to be with someone his own age that can give him everything. I can't do that. I'm going home to work on my extra credit summer work. Don't come to Doncaster."      With that I hung up. I really did have summer work to do but it was extra credit. I'm so ahead of my class that all I have is extra credit. I'll do anything to keep me busy. My mum is always at work, the guys are always on tour, and I have no friends. I feel like I'm going to break down, but not in front of all these people. I can wait a few hours till I'm home. My phone continues to ring off the hook, I get annoyed and turn it off. When you leave someone a note, you don't call them after they've already explained themselves. No brain cells I tell you! A little while later, the bus pulls up at the train station. I pay the driver and descend the stairs. Inside the train station, I find the ticket booth and get in line. It only lasts about a few minutes then I approach the window.      " How may I help you?"      " One ticket to Doncaster please."      " That'll be $xx.xx."      I give her the money and she hands me the ticket. I walk over to the empty bench and sit down. I examine the ticket, the train leaves in twenty minutes. I don't want to wait, I want to go home so I can cry me eyes out in privacy. The month that I've been here, I feel like I did nothing but cry and blush. I'm no longer that strong person I thought that I was. I'm weak, and sometimes maybe I do need to cry. I hate how after all this time, I finally realized that. I dig through my backpack and pull out my scrapbook. I have twenty minutes to kill. I flip through the decorated pages filled with all of my memories. All the family camping trips, when I lost my first tooth. A lot are of Lou and I. I never got to finish it, so there is always a bunch of empty pages in the back. I'm about to close it when I see something sticking out of middle of the book. I open it up and there's a note.      " Brie,  I know you never got to finish this. But I think I found a way to.  Happy One Month Anniversary!!!!!  Love always,  Harry."      I flip to the next page. Pictures from our first date. I flip it again, just us being silly. Flip, our second date. Flip, us kissing. Everytime I flipped it was some memory we had together. Even before we were together. Some were from when we first met and when we hung out afterwards. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. I bit my lip and held them back the best that I could. I come to the last page, there's another note.      " Brie,  I know that what we have is crazy. It may not make any sense, but it's real.  I want you to know that I love you. I have loved you for some time now and it's not changing anytime soon.  I want to share so many more memories with you. Then we make a whole scrapbook, just me and you.  I love you Tommo <3 ~Your Styles. "      I close my eyes tight and take some deep breathes. I slowly close the scrapbook and put it in my backpack again. I fumble with the zipper, but it finally closes. A voice over the intercom annouces that the Doncaster train is now boarding. I stand up wearily and walk to the terminal.          *2 hours later*          I get off the train with my luggage. Oh Doncaster how I've missed you. I decide to start walking, I should be home in about a half an hour or so by foot. I just need to walk to clear my head. What's to clear? I walk out of the train station and someone grabs me. My mum pulls me into her arms.  " Mum, what are you doing here?"      " I should be asking you the same thing Brisedia. Come on, your brother called."      She led me over to her car and I threw my bags in the back seat. I hopped into the passenger side and leaned my head back against the rest. Mum gets in and starts it up. We pull out of the parking lot and head towards our house.      " So are you going to tell me what happened?" she asked.      " Didn't Lou tell you?"      " He did. But I want to here it from you."      " I fell in love with Harry. I had always had a crush on him, but this summer was different. I hadn't a clue why it was different, but it was. Low in behold my first week there, he asked me out. I was sure it was some crazy dream. Why would he want to go out with me? Well he did and we went on this amazing date. At the end of the night, he kissed me. After that he asked me to be his girlfriend, which I gladly excepted. But he had put up a picture of me on Twitter the night before. Thus causing rumors to spread and it created terrible gossip that almost made us not stay together. But through all the rumors and all the hate, we stayed together. But I became a problem. He had a fake girlfriend for publicity, well Simon didn't like the fact that he was dating me. Through this whole big argument, Simon fired Harry. Blackmailed him and said he could come back if he dumped me. He all but refused to, so I did the breaking up. He needed to have a normal life. He's rich and famous and that's his dream. I'd be keeping him from it of we stayed together. It was too hard for me to stay there knowing that I had wrecked his dream and we know we couldn't be together. So I packed up and ran away and here I am."      I took a breath. I don't know how I didn't manage to break down and cry. Mum stayed silent, she said nothing for the longest time.      " Go back to him," she finally says.      " No, it's better this way."      " Better on who, Simon? What about your happiness?"      " I'll be happy to know he's living his dream."      " You really are a saint, aren't you?"      We pulled into our driveway.      " I have to go back to work. Stay here I'll be home later. I love you," she kisses my cheek.      I get out of the car and grab my bags. From my backpack, I pull out my keys and unlock the door. I get inside and re-lock it. I run to my room at full speed and throw my bags down. I take a nose dive for my bed and cry my heart out,not just my eyes.   


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