Age is just a number (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Bio: hi I'm Brie, if you are wondering yes I'm Louis Tomlinson little sister. This is the first summer I get to stay with him and the rest of One Direction. I miss Lou so much. He's never home anymore so I can't wait to see him.



10. Back again

~Harry's POV~   The tears start to fall down her cheeks. She runs upstairs without another word. I stand there dazed, did she just break up with me? I grab my car keys and rush out the door. At this point I just want to drink and drink and drink. I hop in my car and drive down the road. But instead of going to the bar, I drive to the far end of the park. There in the distance is the gazebo, our gazebo. The lights are still shining bright. I walk wearily to it, I sit on the ground. I put my head in my knees and cry. After about twenty minutes I don't think I can cry anymore. I pull my phone out an look at the damage. 14 missed calls and 7 text messages. I don't bother to look at who they're from. I put my phone away and think of her. When I think of her I can still hear her voice in my head. It's calling me.    " Harry! Harry! Harry my god!"    I hear footsteps. I look up and there she stands, beautiful as ever.  She kneels down to my level and hugs me. I sit there not doing anything. She lets go of me. her lip quivering, tears start to flow from her eyes.    " You hate me don't you?"    " I could never hate you."    " It seems like everything is keeping my away from you. The fans, gossip, my age."    " Age is just a number love," I say.    Then I crash my lips into hers. She kisses back almost immediately. It only lasts a few seconds then she breaks it off.    " Can we still make us work?"    My heart just lept out of my chest. She still wants to make us work! I lean in and kiss her again.    " Does that answer your question?"    " I don't know, you might have to repeat your answer," she smirks.    I lean in to kiss her again.    " Oi, what's going on here?"    We turn around and Lou and the other lads are standing in the entrance of the gazebo. Brie blushes.    " I hate to break it to you Lou but Harry is cheating on you with me."    " Yeah, she's way prettier then you anyway!" I add.    " I see how it is."    He fake cries into Niall's shoulder. Everyone bursts out laughing.    " Okay we should head back, it's getting late," Liam says.    " We'll catch up with you," I tell them.    " If I catch you too snogging I'm going to have words for you Harold!" Lou yells.    " Told ya!" Zayn teases.    They walk off. When the darkness has swallowed them up, I kiss her again. For this only being like her fourth kiss, she is a really good kisser. She breaks the kiss and looks at me seriously.    " I've got terms. If you can't respect the terms then this relationship can't work. I only have three. One, no cheating. Two, if you have any kind of problem with me I want you to tell me. I want this relationship based on honesty, as I'll be honest with you too. Three, no forcing anything on me. I am four years younger then you and I may not be ready for certain things. Those are my terms, tell me now if you can or can't respect them."    I'm blown away. Who am I talking to, this can't be a 14 year old girl. I stare into those gorgeous eyes and tell her the truth.    " Yes."    " Then you've got yourself a girlfriend."    " A beautiful one in fact."    She blushes. I pull her onto my lap and kiss her. The kiss starts to deepen.     She lays her head on my shoulder.    " You tired love?"    " Yes."    " Come one lets go home."    I scoop her up in my arms and carry her. She keeps her head on my shoulder and nestles closer into my chest. I hold her tight and watch our gazebo disappear into the distance. I hear her soft snores from below me. I realize too late that I brought the car. I'll come back for it tomorrow. I make it out of the park and walk down our street. A few minutes later, I walk up our front steps. I go to turn the knob, locked. I go around back, luckily the back door is still unlocked. I go inside and lock it behind me. I carry Brie upstairs to her room and lay her in bed, this time it's made. I take off her shoes, hat, and glasses. I kiss her forehead and start to leave. She grabs me wrist.    " Stay with me," she whispers.    " Of course, let me go change."    She lets go and I walk to my room. I throw off my blazer and trousers and slip on a pair of sweatpants. I walk back into her room. Her face lights up like she thought I was never coming back. I get into bed next to her and turn the light out.    She giggles and lays her head on my chest. I wrap my arms around her and tangle my legs in between hers.    " Goodnight Curly."    " Goodnight Tommo."      ~Brie's POV~    I wake up to people whispering.    " They're so cute!"    " Shut up you're going to wake them."    " I'm going to kill him."    " I wonder if he has clothes on under there."    " He better!"    " Would you all shut the hell up," I whisper.    " That's not a nice word," Niall says.    " I don't care I'm sleeping."    I don't even bother to open my eyes. But I know for a fact they are staring at me.    " Does he have clothes on?" Lou demands.    " I wouldn't have let him in here if he didn't."    " Good."    " Would you all leave I'm trying to sleep," I whine.    " Yeah what she said," a deep voice says.    I recognize it as Harry's. It's so deep and seductive. Whoa am I turned on by his morning voice? I mentally roll my eyes at myself. I hear them all walk out and close the door again. I snuggle in closer to Harry trying to stay warm. I shiver a little.    " You cold Tommo?"    " Yeah."    " I'll fix that."    He lips press against mine, it sends heat through my body. I giggle a little because that actually worked.    " Better?"    " Yes."    He chuckles. I open my eyes and start playing with his curls cause I'm bored.    " No girl can resist the curls," he jokes.    I roll my eyes and continue to play with them. I end up like massaging his head. He lets out a small moan, I giggle and start twirling his curls around my fingers. I kiss his cheek and crawl out of bed and head to the bathroom. I do my business and start to get ready. I brush my teeth and hair and I walk back out to my room to decide my outfit.   "Umm harry can you please go I'm going to get dressed"   " Sorry , "   "Thanks"   I ran to my bathroom, I looked in the mirror. My face was bright red. i get out of the bathrom Harry is no where to be found. Then a pair of hands covers my eyes.    " Guess who."    " Lou," I joke.    " Guess again."    " Zaynie bear."    " Nope."    " Leprechaun."    " You are really bad at this."    " Li-Li."    " Urg."    " I know it's you Styles."    He gasps sarcastically and puts his hand to his heart. I roll my eyes and take his hand. I pull him downstairs so that I can eat. Everyone is sitting in the kitchen, even Zayn. Whoa what time is it? I look at the clock, it's almost one o'clock. They all stare at us.    " You actually got Harry to wear clothes to bed, you are amazing," Niall laughs.    " If he wants to sleep next to me, he knows he has to wear clothes."    They all laugh. I give each of them a hug and sit down at the table. There's no more seats, Harry stands to the side.    " C'mere Harry," I mock him.    He chuckles and sits next to me.   " Guys we need to talk," Liam says seriously.               
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