New life

I'm idk how to explain honestly just read and find out:)


5. Thanks Mom

Lou POV: 

I got home pretty late yesterday. I felt so bad for the girls i feel like i'm already a horrible parent. I guess I will just have t pull them aside and apologize to the later today when they get up. I went into lux's room and noticed she was all tucked in and changed. That's strange. They boys never changed her. It must have been Jessica.  

I walked out after giving lux a kiss and went into the kitchen. I noticed Jessica was cooking eggs and bacon. I guess it's time to ay sorry. 

"Jessica can i talk to you?"

she turned around and jumped since she didn't know i was there.

"Yeah anything lou, what you need?"

"I just wanted to say i'm sorry for leaving you to watch over lux and not coming home earlier then i should have. I feel like i'm doing a horrible parenting job."

"Woah Woah. Lou if anything you are the best parent we have had all these years. You are nothing but a great parent and you deserve a night off. I mean as teenagers we do need to learn about responsibility so you leaving us with lux was a great thing because i actually think when i am older i will be just as great a parent as you are."

"Okay. Hey do you and Julia need some money to go shopping? I can give you both enough for new cars and clothes."

She spit her drink out.

"New cars!!"

i nodded and she hugged me so tight i started coughing.

"Oh my gosh thank you so much i will go get Julia and the boys. Thank you so much.. mom."





sorry its short my mom is almost home and i have to be 'in bed' by 9:15 what a dumb rule. ugh 

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