New life

I'm idk how to explain honestly just read and find out:)


7. Just for you.

Niall's POV:

When we got back home I could tell Julia was upset for my finding a car. It was killing me seeing her like this. All te boys and Julia were sitting in the living room on the coach and Jessica went to te bathroom. I pulled her in the hallway as she looked confused.

"Jessica I need your help picking out a car for Julia. I don't know what she likes yet and your her et friend so can you help me?"

"Yeah sure I would love to help you Niall just text me tomorrow what you have in mind. Now lets go watch a scary movie!"

We walked back into the living room to see all the boys and Julia sitting in te same spot waiting for us to get back. Jessica went and cuddled with Harry and Julia layer we head on my chest. We divided to watch 'Saw' and it was so scary. Harry kept scaring Jessica and she ran out of the living room and everyone started laughing.

"Harry that wasn't funny. Hah go apologize please."

Harry nodded at Julia and walke away while all of us fell asleep and Julia was rubbing circles on my chest which made me fall asleep.

Harry's POV:

I walked into Jessica's room to see her curled up in the corner rocking back and forth. I started chuckling and she screamed. I ran over to her and picked her up laying her gently on the bed.

"Shh shh baby it's okay it's just me."

She relaxed her muscles and looked up at me.

"Harry please don't scare me like that anymore."

"On one condition."

She looked confused and I continued.

"Cuddle with me."

She started laughing and nodded her head. She scooted closer to me and started kissing my chest.

After about ten minutes of this we both fell asleep
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