New life

I'm idk how to explain honestly just read and find out:)


8. Chapter 8

Julia's POV:

Me and Niall ended up sleeping on the chair in the living room. I was on top of him wiht my head resting on his chest. I was just laying there listening to his steady heart beat as he was snoring and eveyr once in a while his fingers would twitch. I tried getting up to go to the bathroom to take a shower, but that only made Niall's grip get tighter on my wrest.

"Oh Niall your hurting me."

I ripped my hand out of his grip and he woke up. He looked worriedly at me and loook at my now red wrist that i was holding.

"Oh my gosh. Julia i didn't mean to im sorry I never ment to hurt you I swear. I would never hurt you, you are my everything."

"Niall it's okay... you were asleep you didn;t know what was going on its fine."

"No julia it's not i should never had done that i am truly sorry i will never intentionally hurt you. You know that right?"

"Of coarse I do Niall know stop saying sorry and give me a kiss."

He smiled and kissed me and then i got up and went to take my shower.

*two weeks later*

Niall's POV:

Over the week Jessica has been helping me find a car for Julia. We choose a 2008-2011 BMW e93 M3 silver convertible. Jessica said that she would love it so we had to order it online and it should get here later on today. While we were waiting for it jessica took Julia out to get starbucks for everyone. What Julia didn't know was when she got back her new car would be here. I hope she likes it im so nervuos!

Julia's POV:

Jessica was taking me to starbucks and i ws so scared we were going to die. Her truck was huge! Only Harry has been riding in it with her and he said she was good at driving it surprisingly. When i climbed up into it she turned the radio on and footloose came on. 

She started dancing and singing and i couldnt hep but laugh at her. When ever we would stop at a red light all the tiny cars next to us would stare out thier windows at us. Jessica started laughing but then a group of boys pulled up next to us and wolf wisteled. Jessica flicked them off and drove off.

We finally arrived at starbucks and got our drinks. Whenwe were walking out the same boys at the light parked and started walking over to us. Jessica let out a big sigh and just kept walking over to her truck.

"Where do you think your going pretty lady?"

"Shut the hell up me and my sister have to get home for something way more important then your dumb ass."

With that i ran to the truck and climbed up while jessica just kept walking over. i saw the other boys laugh at their 'leader'. Jessica climbed up and we drove home. When we got back all the boys where standing in the drive way smiling. Jessica got out and handing the boys their drinks and they all stood infront of what looked like a car. Niall came up to me and covered my eyes. We walked for about two seconds before he left me go. What a dork.

"Julia i saw how upset you were about not finding a car two weeks ago so... with the help of your lovely sister, we got you this."

Then he pulled the tarp off of the car and my mouth dropped. I ran up to Niall and Jessica and hugged them never letting go.

"Thank you so much it's perfect."

My eyes started watering and Jessica came and hugged me again. The two most important people in my life just made my day 1000 times better. I love it!

"Guys I don't know how many times i can say it but thank you so much its amazing deffinetly the best gift i have ever gotten."

We all walked in the house and just talked for hours about our lives and stuff. 

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