New life

I'm idk how to explain honestly just read and find out:)


6. CARS!!!

Julia's POV:

Jessica ran into my room as i was getting out of bed. She scared me so i ended up on there floor and she was laughing at my clumsiness. I glared at her and she calmed her self before speaking up.

"Good your up now. Get ready and come downstairs in ten minutes."

I had no time to protest against her as she ran out of my room screaming to get the boys up. Niall walked in my room rubbing his head.

"Why is she screaming?"

"I have no idea i was hoping yo could tell me?"

we both both walked out of my room and downstairs to see the rest of the boys sitting down looking tired as fuck

Jessica walked in all cheery in a white botten up blouse with jean high waisted shorts on and her aviators.

"Woah why are you all prettied up?"

She turned to us and started jumping up and down.

"We are going shopping for cars!!"

"What oh my gosh oh i need to go get dressed oh my gosh I'm so happy!"

*20 minutes later*

We had all gotten ready and left the house after ten mintues. Louis was driving his car and when we arrived at the dealership Jessica practically jumped out of her window. Harry and the boys started laughing but she just flicked them off and kept running.

"What kind of car are you getting?"

Niall whispered in my ear. sending chills down my back.

"Um i dont know maybe a convertible or range rover."

he nodded his head and we linked hands and started our search.

After about 10 minutes i decided to just give up and wait till we went to another dealership. All the cars here weren't what i was looking for. But i could tell Jessica was in heaven.


I ran over to where i heard Jessica scream and my jaw dropped. She sat in a 200 Ford f250 that was raised maybe 4' off the ground. 

"Jessica are you crazy you cant get that!"

"But julia its perfect it even has 20x12 fuel wheels!"

She started putting and i gave in.

"Fine but when you die don't say i didn't warn you."

The other boys walked over and they had there mouths all the way open.

"Babe please tell me your not getting that?"

"Oh but i am i am so sorry harry but its perfect you can ride with me if you want. Here I'm gonna go buy it and get registered while you guys can check out my new baby."

She walked off with a wink and we didn't even move, as if it would kill us all right then. About 30 minutes later she came back with the keys and hopped in. The only person who got in the truck with her was Harry, and it took him about 5 minutes to get in. We all walked to our SUV and just started talking about how she was crazy for getting that thing.

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