New life

I'm idk how to explain honestly just read and find out:)


1. Orphanage

"Hey Julia do you think we will ever get out of here?"

"Honestly we just have to keep our hopes high I'm pretty sure someone will come and ado-

"Jessica! Julia! Can you come down stairs there's someone here to see you!"

I looked at my best friend Julia and she was as shocked as I was. Was this the day we finally get adopted.

Me and Julia have been through everything you could think of. We were little when our parents got murdered in front of us. We were hiding under the bed luckily and got out for help.

We have been living our lives training to fight anyone who try's to harm any one we love. But now we are in an orphanage trying to get adopted into a loving family.


"Ugh we're coming hang on."

When we got into the lobby of the orphanage we saw a young looking lady with pale purple hair and a baby in her arms.

"Girls this is Lou Teasdale and she is willing to adopt you girls."

"Hi you two are very beautiful! Oh and I'm a hairdresser so we can have little hair parties. I would love to be you guys mom." She smiled at us and I pulled Julia off to the side.

"I love her already let's say yes please Jessica this is our chance to get out of this hell hole."

I rolled my eyes and walked back

"May I ask who this lovely lady is."

I pinched the baby's cheeks and she giggled.

"This is my two year old daughter Lux."

"She is adorable. I love children. Um I think me and my friend would love for you to adopt us."

She looked so happy she gave me Lux and I started playing with her while Julia packed our stuff and Lou signed the papers.

About a half and hour later we were all getting into her car. I let out a loud sigh and started thinking about how our lives had just took a major twist.

What have I gotten us into? I hope this all works out? What if she doesn't like me? Does she have another child?

All types of questions were running through my head when we pulled up to a huge mansion and my jaw dropped.

Julia chocked on her water she brought and said "T-This is your h-house?"

Lou smiled at us and nodded as she got out.

I looked at Julia and shrieked.


She started pinching herself to make sure it wasn't a dream.

We climbed out of the car and grabbed our bags. Lux wobbled over to me and stretched her arms out. I picked her and and brought my bags in.

When we walked in the first thing you saw was six pairs of eyes starring at us.

We got a chorus of 'hi' and 'hello's from them and I just stood there while Julia went to the kitchen.

"Um I-I'm Jessica and that was Julia. May I ask your names?"

"I'm Harry. That's Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Lous. You don't recognize us?"

"Lovely names and I'm sorry but no were not used to having wifi so we don't really let it bother us."

Then Liam spoke up "oh well we're One Direction and it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Okay haha um I'm going to go get my friend so we can unpack. Pleasure meeting you guys."

Could you say AWKWARD.

I grabbed Julia and took her out side.

"We have to promise we won't fall for the same boy Julia. Okay?"

"Mhm" she muffled out cause of a bagel stuffed in her mouth.

We walked in and Lou told us to pick our rooms so we started walking in that direction.

'This is going to be a great new life'

Sorry if it sucks! If you like it, which I hope you do please comment or just keep reading every update. I hope you liked it!:)
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