Words From The Arrow

If my callers ask me how to make One Direction love them one more time, I'll shoot myself with my own arrow. I'm Sparrow, otherwise known as DJ Arrow. I give love advice on my radio show. It's what I'm best at. And I've been shooting people in the ass with arrows to "help" them fall in love. I make people speak from their heart. I'm Cupid's daughter. But guess who ends up falling in love?


3. You Don't Even Know...

Sparrow's POV

I walked into the elevator. 21st floor. My place of leisure at the end of the day. Yes, I own the entire floor, but I'm not spoiled. I don't even need that much space! My dad goes over the top for me, so I just accept it. I made it to the top and stepped out into the dimly lit room. "Daddy?" I called. "Out here, sweetheart." He called back. I walked out to the balcony and sat in front of my father. The one and only, Cupid. He rarely comes, so whenever someone asks about us, I say "family time" instead of trying to find our next victims... I mean, surprise clients. "Angel, it's time I step down from my position." He said in his heavy New York accent. "W-what do you mean?" I can't believe he'd say this! "Well, I may be immortal, but my wings aren't what they used to be." His wings sprang out from his back, torn, tattered, and dingy white. He hung his head in shame. "I need someone who has wings that take them faster than the speed of light. That someone is you, Sparrow." I couldn't believe my own ears. "You want me to take over the family biz?" He nodded at my question, showing his profile. "It's a big job and a big risk to fly alone. Stay safe Angel." He kissed my forehead and walked off, fading as the darkness swallowed him, making him disappear. I went to my room and closed the door. I slid down the wall and put my head in my hands. I stayed in that position until my phone went off. 'From Harry: Sweet dreams, angel. :*' Oh Harry, I thought, you don't even know...

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