Words From The Arrow

If my callers ask me how to make One Direction love them one more time, I'll shoot myself with my own arrow. I'm Sparrow, otherwise known as DJ Arrow. I give love advice on my radio show. It's what I'm best at. And I've been shooting people in the ass with arrows to "help" them fall in love. I make people speak from their heart. I'm Cupid's daughter. But guess who ends up falling in love?


5. Woke Up In The Morning

Sparrow's POV

I was in my rare state of peace when my phone alarm woke me up. Same song every morning. 'Woke Up In The Morning' by Care Bears On Fire. I hopped out of my bed as the song began. The music filled the whole floor. I ran around until I made it to the kitchen. I made a small breakfast, ate it in about a minute and ran to the bathroom. The next song began to play. I took off my clothes as I hummed the familiar tune of 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera. I got in the shower and sang. I finished showering after 'Diamonds' by Rhianna went off. I wrapped up in a towel and went to my room. I opened my closet to get my clothes and turned around. On my bed was Ryan. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed as I held the towel closer to my partially exposed body, trying to cover up everything. I caught my breath. "I've been waiting in the kitchen for years now! I wondered what was taking so long, but now I know why." He said, winking at me. I blushed slightly and shooed him away. I got dressed quickly and walked out next to Ryan. I put my shades on. "Leggo." I said. He laughed as we walked. We reached his car. "You're gonna love the guests for today." He said as we got in. "Who is it?" I asked. "You'll see soon." He answered as we drove off. Once we got to the station, I began to beg. "Pweeeeeeeease twell mweeeee?" "You'll see..." "When?" We turned the corner into the room and there they were. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn.




"Sparrow!" Harry said. The boys exchanged some looks and conversed. Well, what could go wrong?
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