Words From The Arrow

If my callers ask me how to make One Direction love them one more time, I'll shoot myself with my own arrow. I'm Sparrow, otherwise known as DJ Arrow. I give love advice on my radio show. It's what I'm best at. And I've been shooting people in the ass with arrows to "help" them fall in love. I make people speak from their heart. I'm Cupid's daughter. But guess who ends up falling in love?


4. She's... Different

Harry's POV

I rushed into my flat, only to be greeted by my band mates, all with worried and frantic looks. I stopped in my tracks. "Who died? Was it Paul? Man, I told him to lay off the crisps-" "WHERE THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" Liam yelled. "We were all worried sick!" Louis chimed in. "I saw this girl-" They groaned. "Haz, why do all of your excuses start with something to do with girls?" Zayn asked. "Seriously! I gave the most beautiful girl ever a ride home, and I am completely and utterly honoured." I said. I continued. "Her name is Sparrow, and she looks like an angel! Prettier even! She's has a radio show and she lives in a humongous penthouse!" They just stared at me like I was off my rocker or something! "So, you're telling me, that it takes 3 hours to pick up a girl, take her home, and come back? It's well past midnight Haz!" Liam said. "I wandered around town for a bit." I said, shrugging. "Well what makes this girl so special anyways?" Niall asked. "There's something special about her.' I said. "Like what?" They all said. "The way she walks, the way she talks, the sparkle in her eyes. She's..." I searched for the right word. Exotic? No. Classy? Nope. Hmm... I got it! "Different." They sighed. "You say that about every girl." Louis said. "But I mean it this time." "Whatever Haz. Get some sleep. We have an interview tomorrow morning." Liam said, getting up and patting my shoulder. The boys followed out the door, pinching my cheeks and ruffling my hair. I went to my room and texted Sparrow a quick goodnight. In my sleep, all I saw was her.

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