Words From The Arrow

If my callers ask me how to make One Direction love them one more time, I'll shoot myself with my own arrow. I'm Sparrow, otherwise known as DJ Arrow. I give love advice on my radio show. It's what I'm best at. And I've been shooting people in the ass with arrows to "help" them fall in love. I make people speak from their heart. I'm Cupid's daughter. But guess who ends up falling in love?


2. Love At First Sight

Harry's POV

I saw the most beautiful girl just standing there. She looked like she was trying to get a ride. Since it was raining like mad, I thought I might as well give her a ride home. I pulled up and sprayed water on her on accident. "Are you alright?" I asked, concerned. "Well I've been standing here for about 30 minutes now and I'm soaked but, besides that, everything's peachy." she said sarcastically. I invited her into my car. She got in and asked me for my name. I was surprised. "You don't know who I am?" I asked. She said she couldn't think straight. I told her who I was. I mean the worst she could do is faint, right? She didn't. Instead she slid down in the seat and rubbed her temples. "You don't seem too happy about that." I said. "It's not you, it's One Direction." she sighed. "What? You don't like our music?" "I love you're music." "Then what exactly is the problem?" I asked, really confused. "I host a radio show and all of my callers are asking me how they can get you to love them and it's kinda frustrating." she explained. "Oh. It's not our fault really. Just break it to them that it's a small chance." I said. "But then they'll be mad. And their hearts will be broken. I'm supposed to fix hearts, not break them." I sighed. "You make it sound like you're Cupid or something." "Close." she mumbled. I decided to ignore it. "Where do you live, anyways?" I said, trying to break the silence. "Here." I stopped at a really cool penthouse. "Damn." I muttered. By now it had stopped raining. "Thanks Harry." she said. "Wait love! What's you're name?" I asked "Sparrow. Here's my number." she said, handing me a number she quickly wrote down. "Ok. I'll text you." "Ok." she said, running up to the door. I sighed. Sparrow is really special. I like her. She smiled at me and her eyes twinkled just the tiniest bit. It's love at first sight. Does she think the same thing as me?


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