Slowly Crumbling

Erin has been Nialls best friend since they were 6 years old. They were either each other pretty much all of there lives. When Niall leaves to go to the X-Factor, What happens when he comes back to Mullingar to find out Erin's secrets that she has kept from him over the years. Will Niall be able to protect her when worst comes to worst.

Its My First Fanfics so please no hate


16. What did you do



Niall’s Point Of View



 What her friend told me outside keeps finding its way into the front of my brain.  Did Erin have other feelings for me? Her friend had asked me who i was so i told her my name.  She goes "So your the boy Erin never shuts up about" . I nodded " i think she really has something towards you don't lose her" she said. With that she walked off. I walked inside and everyone was eating except for the lads who were arguing about football. "Guys i'm bored" Erin broke everyones attenition from the lads argument to her. "Lets play truth or dare" Sydney and Lou yelled. Ah this should be interesting. Everyone sat in a circle on Erin's living room floor. "Guys are we playing with the bottle" Sydney asked. "Yeah shit i forgot" Erin replied walking into the kitchen. She came back in with a glass bottle full of soda. "Love if you haven't noticed but that bottle is full of soda" Zayn said looking puzzled. "Not for long" Erin said popping the lid off the bottle. She drank the whole bottle in less than a 30 seconds. Everyone was looking at her astonished, no one knew she could do that not even me. "Kay lets play" Erin said putting the bottle in the middle not paying any attention to the stares being sent at her. "Who's going first" Dani asked. "Well enie meenie miney Louis" Harry said pointing at all of us. Louis just shrugged and spun the bottle. Of course it landed on me out of the 8 other people in the room not counting Louis and I. "Niall mate truth or dare" Louis asked me a smug expression on his face. "Truth" i answerd 

"Awe your no fun, have you ever kissed Erin". Erin looked at me quickly then looked down. "Yes we kissed sweet and innocent when we were 10" i said looking down. "Guys look Erin's blushing awe" Sydney said. Erin hid her face in her hands then looked up. "Alright Niall your turn" she said trying to change the subject. I spun the bottle and watched as the bottle slowed and pointed at Sydney. "truth or dare Syd" i said looking at her trying to think of somthing good no matter what she picked. "umm Dare" she said meeting mt gaze amusment in her eyes. "I dare you to.....MAKE ME A SANDWICH". I know worst dare ever but im hungry. "Louissss Niall is coming up with horrible domestic dares" sydney wined. "Ill give you a dare" Louis said a devious glint in his blue eyes. "Ok" sydney said while i pouted im really hungry. "Awe Ni dont pout i hate that face it looks like we killed a puppy ill make you a sandwich" Erin said while walking into the kitchen. "yay thanks shorty" i said while following her into the kitchen. "Niall for the last time just because im like 5 inches shorter than you dosnt give you the right to call me shorty" she ranted while taking out the bread. Next thing I knew we heard a loud crash. "Whoever just broke my house better still be alive so I can kill them" Erin called. We walked into the living room to see no one there. I heard giggling upstairs I think Erin did too cause she dashed up them.


"You guys fucking broke my room" Erin yelled. Now it was my turn to run up the stairs. "And where are the girls they could have stopped you from trashing and practically breaking everything in my room" Erin was livid I could tell she was either about to flip out totally, or punch a wall. "The girls went out to get us beer and its all Harry's fault that mirror is broken" Louis says blaming Harry. I looked around her room. Erin's mirror was broken, her Telly cracked, and her picture frames broken on the floor. " What the fuck guys really had to trash my room" Erin was so mad,"Niall I can't deal with this I'm about to crack". I looked around the room Agian to look at 3 guilty boys. " where is Liam" I asked. " He left with the girls" Zayn replied looking down. "Erin I'm really sorry we trashed your room it was all Harry and Louis fault" Zayn appoligezed. "Its fine really I'm just going to have to save my money to get new stuff I guess" Erin said. "No you won't" Louis and Harry said symontaniosly. Erin looked confused and picked her head up " what" she questioned. " it's our fault so let us replace your stuff and if you want redo your whole room" Harry said Louis nodding the whole time. "As much as this is your fault I hate when people spend money on me" Erin said. Louis looked at her and said "Erin were not taking no for an answer tomorrow me and Harry take you shopping"

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