Slowly Crumbling

Erin has been Nialls best friend since they were 6 years old. They were either each other pretty much all of there lives. When Niall leaves to go to the X-Factor, What happens when he comes back to Mullingar to find out Erin's secrets that she has kept from him over the years. Will Niall be able to protect her when worst comes to worst.

Its My First Fanfics so please no hate


14. Not Yet


   Niall’s Point Of View

     Im so happy Erin and I made up.  I don't know what i would do without her. There is no friendship like ours that i have ever seen. Right now we were both trying to throw Skittles into each other's mouths. Erin played Softball so she had pretty good aim. Out of the blue i hear "There's nothing like us, There's nothing like you and me together through the storm". Erin eyed her phone on the counter and reluctantly got up to answer it. I think i'm Rubbing off on her with her music choices. I mean her ringtone is Nothing Like Us By Justin Bieber. "Hello" Erin said I noticed her exspression change.  "Ok, No ill be fine Niall and everyone will be here with me" she said looking at me then sitting on the couch across from me. "No i wont throw a party, I promise ok" Erin said giggling at the end. Who in the world was she talking to. "Ok alright bye" Erin finished before dropping her phone on the couch. "Who was that" i asked raising my eyebrow at her. "Uncle Ryder", she paused, "Niall your staying the whole week right?". "Yeah love why, whats wrong" I asked. "Nothing Niall i'm fine its just that Uncle Ryder has to stay with his girlfriend for the week and i dont want to stay here alone so.."She trailed off. "Yes Erin i will stay the week with you here" i said while giving her a hug. "Thanks" She mummbled. "No problem Love its my pleasure to stay with you" I said still hugging her. Then the door opened and slammed. The sudden noise scared the crap out of Erin. She jumped into my arms and i was now holding her like a little kid as her face was stuck in my chest."Awe guys look at the happy couple" Louis yelled at the lads. Erin climbed out of my arms and stood up "Louis were not dating" she said and slapped him on the back of the head. 

"Not yet" Louis called back walking into the kitchen. What did he mean? Then there was a pounding on the door.

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