Slowly Crumbling

Erin has been Nialls best friend since they were 6 years old. They were either each other pretty much all of there lives. When Niall leaves to go to the X-Factor, What happens when he comes back to Mullingar to find out Erin's secrets that she has kept from him over the years. Will Niall be able to protect her when worst comes to worst.

Its My First Fanfics so please no hate


20. I Love Her/ I Promise

Niall's Point Of View

We were all laughing at Erins face when I through her in. It was priceless it was like pure shock. "Guys shouldnt she be up by now" Sam said looking down into the pool. "Yeah guys she isnt moving" Sydney added. The lads and i shared worried glances until i through my phone at Harry and dived in. I opened my eyes to see her just floating there, Her eyes closed. No she can't, i don't think i can live without her.I grabbed her and swam up to the surface. The moment i broke through surface i put Erin on the cement and Liam went to work. "Guys she has a pulse" Liam called removing his finger from her neck. Liam started CPR thank god he knew how to do it. I don't think any of us knew how to besides him.  She was still unresponsive. "Niall if she is dead i will kill you" Sam said through gritted teeth. "If she isnt alive i don't want to live" i said. I quickly through my hand over my mouth that just slipped out.Gasps and Eyes were trained on me except for Liam who was to focused on Erin to even notice what i had just said. I hope no one is going to ask me about it. She cant die i love her. DID I JUST SAY I LOVE ERIN? My best friend, My younger sister, How the hell do i love her. Maybe i will talk to Liam about it. He always knows what to do. I was brought back into reality by violent coughing and water splashing. I looked down and saw Erin sitting up water spilling out of her mouth. 

Erins Point Of View

I could hear everything but my eyes wouldn't open. I was a prisoner in my own body and it wasn't fun. "Niall if she is dead i will kill you" A voice i identified as Sam said. "If she dies i dont want to live" Niall replied. I heard Gasps and hope they were to that Remark. Niall will kill himself if i die? He wouldnt, Would he? I hope not. The voices started to become blurs and all i heard was yelling. Then i saw Niall on one side and a really bright light on the other. Niall started talking but i couldnt hear him. He pulled a gun up to his head and i screamed. Niall cant die because of me. I started running at him but it felt like i was running in water everything slowed down. When i got to him i jumped on him and pushed the gun away. My eyes flew open and water came out of my mouth for a good five minutes. Niall had tears running down his face like a water fall. The moment the water stopped i jumped on Niall. "Don't ever hurt yourself promise me right now...Please" I croaked. I sounded horrible but i didn't care. I wanted him to promise. "You heard that" Niall asked wiping tears that i didnt know i had. "Yes and saw it but promise" I demanded he was not getting away with this. "I promise" he responded. I smiled and hugged everyone. "Thanks for not letting me die guys" i said akwardly. They all nodded Niall was standing by the pool, Payback is a bitch. I pushed him into the pool and he popped up quickly. "I deserved that" he shrugged. "Yeah you did Payback Is  A Bitch" i said and walked inside. 


Authors Note

Sorry this is so short im really busy with school. I hope you like this chapter. ILL update soon i hope ~ erin_lovez_Niall 

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