Slowly Crumbling

Erin has been Nialls best friend since they were 6 years old. They were either each other pretty much all of there lives. When Niall leaves to go to the X-Factor, What happens when he comes back to Mullingar to find out Erin's secrets that she has kept from him over the years. Will Niall be able to protect her when worst comes to worst.

Its My First Fanfics so please no hate


17. Dean

Erin's Point Of View

Harry and Louis completely trashed my room. I'm not mad just kind of sad but things happen for a reason. I cleaned up the glass after I had to force the boys to go downstairs. I finished and went under my bed to make sure they didn't touch the one thing I hide from everyone. I pulled out the box I kept under my bed it looked untouched. I opened the box and pulled out my old photo album. It was of me,Niall,and some of my other friends. My other friends were mostly guys I didn't get along well with most girls. Girls, well they hated me because I wasn't a girly girl and I hated wearing dresses. Niall didn't like that i was friends with guys it was like my only friend was supposed to be Niall or somthing. I flicked through the pictures quickly but 1 always caught my eye. It was a picture of Me, Niall, and one of my best friends Dean. We were all in Deans backyard up in the tree. We made his older brother take the picture. I missed Dean I haven't seen him in a while last time I saw him we were going out to dinner for his birthday. Dean had black shaggy hair that coverd his eyes perfectly even though his piercing blue eyes could be seen through his hair. I sighed and put the album away. At least the boys hadnt found it. I don't know why but I had this feeling that if they saw it all hell would break lose. I walked back downstairs to see Liam and the girls were back. I looked over at Harry and Louis who were just sitting there not really talking. "Erin what did the 2 idiots over there do they haven't said a word since we got back" Sydney asks me while I sit down. "They trashed my Room and broke pretty much everything" I replied blankly. She just modded and gave the two guilty boys a death glare. I think Both of the boys broke under the pressure because they both got up very quickly I guess with the same thought in mind. They both came over to me and Louis threw me over his shoulder and carried me outside right by the pool. He sat me down in one of the lawn chairs I kept outside. "Erin what were you looking at when uou were upstairs" Harry asked with a dead serious look on his face. "What are you talking about" I said playing dumb, did they see me with the photo album while I was upstairs. A million questions swirling through my mind as I tried to shake them all out. " Don't play dumb you were looking at pictures weren't you" Louis asked raising his eyebrow. I sighed "yes there just pictures of me and Niall ok" I said before standing up just to be tugged back down."then why are you hiding them" Harry asked. "Because there pictures of Me Niall and a friend of ours who he dosnt like so I hide them from him can I go now" I finish. " yeah go" Harry said shoing me away. What was up with all those questions? They brought me to think of Dean. I quickly pulled out my phone and texted Dean: Hey Dean haven't talked to you in foreva I miss you, wanna meet up sometime Xx Erin. I wonder if he will but for now to go deal with my "guests".

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