Slowly Crumbling

Erin has been Nialls best friend since they were 6 years old. They were either each other pretty much all of there lives. When Niall leaves to go to the X-Factor, What happens when he comes back to Mullingar to find out Erin's secrets that she has kept from him over the years. Will Niall be able to protect her when worst comes to worst.

Its My First Fanfics so please no hate


6. Calling Erin

Niall's point of view

I cannot wait to see Erin. Im on a plane right now back to Mullingar. Im know debating with myself weather to call Erin or not. It may only be 10 pm over in America but in Mullingar its 3 am. You know what im going to call her. She always answers my calls because she is my best friend no matter what time it is.


*ring ring* 

Erin: Hello

Me:Sorry love did i wake you?

Erin:No not at all i just wait up all night for you to call me at 3 am

Me:Nice sarcasm, well ill be landing soon with Liam,Dani,Harry,and Harrys new girlfriend

Erin:Ooooo i cant wait to meet her,   Whats her name?


Erin:Pretty i cant wait to meet her,Well i should go wake everyone up now so we can all get ready Bye Leprechaun

Me:Ok bye love see you later


Erin sounded nervous on the phone i hope everything is ok. Well i guess ill find out in an hour.


Sorry for the short rushed chapter i wrote it eariler before i went to my Little brothers birthday party and i was just able to finish it up and publish now . I will hopefully have the new chapter up whithin the next hour. Till then Later~erin_lovez_Niall


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