Slowly Crumbling

Erin has been Nialls best friend since they were 6 years old. They were either each other pretty much all of there lives. When Niall leaves to go to the X-Factor, What happens when he comes back to Mullingar to find out Erin's secrets that she has kept from him over the years. Will Niall be able to protect her when worst comes to worst.

Its My First Fanfics so please no hate


12. But why?

Erins point of view

I cant belive Niall, I just told him something that i was holding onto for a year. It happend my senior year and it destroyed me compleatly and he had the nerve to blow up on me. Senior year is supposed to be amazing, but for me i went pretty much rouge. I finished high school because i knew that if i didnt Niall and my Uncle would be pretty dissapointed. I ran inside tears streaming down my face. I looked around the room filled with people and there was the person i was looking for Louis. All of the boys were in the den. The Girls were in the kitchen. I ran into the den and right to Louis. "Erin whats wrong" Lou asked. "OI Lou you lied to me" i said threw the tears. "What do you mean i lied to you" Louis asked hurt ecthed into all of his features. "Louis you told me he would understand, he thought i was lying to \him WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT THAT" I said now yelling but it went down to a wimper. Louis face went from hurt to anger. Louis and the boys have always been there to protect me. I remember a while back Niall came back after the xfactor a couple months before the accident. Of course he came back the weekend i found out my now Ex-boyfriend Justin was cheating on me with Victoria the most popular girl in my school. So that weekend i was a emotional wreck. The boys walked in on my crying and they were immediatly around me. 


I remember my world crashing around me. Justin was my first Love and i know find out he is cheating on me. I had my screemo music on so loud. Only Niall knows but it some how helps me. Niall thinks it will only put me in a state of depression but i didnt care. My headphones in world out. My face was in my pillow listening to Bulls in the Bronx by Pierce the Veil. (Listen to the song on youtube if you want you might not like it but what ever i do :P)

"Do you know i count your heart beats before you sleep, i bite my finger nails to bone and then crawl back under the stairwell to a place i call home, Oh i really hope you enjoy the show because for me its just a bad day you need people like me to feel," i sang along with the music,"Maybe were just having to much fun maybe you cant handle yourself staring at me with your lips and tounge".

Then i started to cry agian. I felt my bed sink in i looked up to see Niall. He grabbed me and pulled out my headphones and looked at me. "What did i say about that music it only is going to lead you to depression you always listen to it when your sad no whats wrong" Niall spoke his voice soft and gentle. "Nothing Niall im completly fine now what are you guys doing back here already" I said while taking my ipod and putting it on my Ihome. I turned on King for a day by Pierce the Veil . "Love dont try to change the subject what happend" Louis said while walking towards me. I sighed and said "Ok so Niall remember Justin the boy i was going out with when you left". Nialls jaw clenched "What did he do i will kill him" He said his tone and face completly serious. I jumped on my bed and sat down "Niall he was cheating on me" i said hurt in every word that i spoke. All the Boys ran over to me and bear hugged me. They told me i was to good for him. Then i was nuzzeld into Louis chest and he sang to me till i fell asleep. Later i woke up to my phone ringing and none of the Boys were around to answer it for me. i answerd the phone without looking at the caller id bad move 


me:Hello    Justin: im sorry i cheated ok now call off your army of guys  trying to kill me i hung up and was frozen. Zayn walked in my room blood on his hand i screamed. He ran over to me to comfort me. Then Liam walked in without a scratch on him. I ran up to Liam "Liam what happned why is Zayn bloody and where are the rest of the boys" i asked threw tears. "They went to beat up Justin for hurting you love" Liam sadi while holding me and rubbing circles on my back.


When i looked up Zayn wasnt in the room but Louis was still holding me. "But why would he blow up on me Lou i didnt do anything wrong" i said. Louis looked own at me and kissed the top of my head and said "I dont know Erin i just dont know". With that i slowly fell asleep on Louis,But wondered did Niall just ruin a 13 year long friendship over one thing that i was being totally honest with him about.



sorry for the crappy chapter guys. Im getting major writers block any way thanks for reading and all of the support is Amazayn ~erin_lovez_Niall

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