I Don't Know What To Do With You

Shannen and Megan have been friends since they can remember. the thing is... after a sleepover, Shannen realised she has feelings for Megan's twin brother, Arthur-- BUT THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Arthur was starting to feel the same way... would they ever realise their feelings for each other?

Megan has like her guy bestfriend Jesse, since she first laid eyes on him. The problem is that he goes to her for advice on His Girlfriend Massy. Will she be able to build up the courage to tell him how she really feels?? Will Jesse feel the same way?


7. Runaway

Shannen's P.O.V 

I knocked on the hollow door that was placed in front of me. I finally build up the courage to come and see Megan. But that's not what it was for. It was to look strong in front of Arthur. I really needed to talk to her about me and Arthur. I know she has been having a rough day. Mrs. Bailey sent me up the stairs to her room. She warned me that she hadn't woken up yet. It was like 11:30 in the morning. I walked into her room to see she wasn't there.

"Megan?" I called. There was a note on her pillow. I read every word. I was pissed. OMG Did she... kill herself? My eyes filled with tears and I called Arthur, he came rushing in to see me cry. He looked at the note and read it.

"A-A-Arthur," I stuttered. "I know you hate me right now but I want you t-to know, I'm scared..."

He hugged me tight. I cried on his shoulder. He slowly stroked my hair.

"I don't know where she is but... she couldn't have killed herself." He told me, giving me positive hope. "Megan is not that type of person..."

"But where could she have went, and why?" 

We both had a moment of silence... then it hit us.

"THE WEST-CHILL." We both said. The West-Chill.. or West C.-- was where Megan ran away the first time. Megan ran away before because of feelings that she's having an unfair advantage from her parents... it's a long story. The West c. is a dark back alley... usually druggies go there and whores... it's disturbing.

"Mom, me and Shannen are just going to go out." Arthur said to his dad who was having lunch with his mom.

"You both dating?" His mom asked both of us with a wink.

"Uhm..." I said. "no."

They shrugged and we both left for the door. I went inside his porsche-- pretty sweet car. It smelled like fresh citrus in it. We drove to that alley in silence..

"Arthur, please tell me the real reason why you broke up with me." I said to him.

"You wouldn't understand. Shannen, just stop--"

"But Arthur... you said you loved me..." 

"I LOVED you."

"Oh, I see..." I said while staring out the window, while rubbing my eyes.


I watched as she wiped the forming tears out of her eyes. I focused on the road again. I couldn't help but think about her. I know I'm hurting her right now, telling her that I don't love her anymore... when to be honest, I love her a lot. My 1st bestfriend. My 1st lover. 

I thought about everything at once that I didn't realize that a semi truck was going infront of us and was about to hit us-- the last thing I heard was Shannen screaming. 


I walked the street. Thinking of wear to go. The last time i ran away from a problem, i went to the West Chill. I tend to run away from all my problems. I sat down on a bus bench and stated out my problems. My phone was dead. No contact to anyone. My first plan was to jump on a train and go to the farthest destination. The West Chill, is to predictable for me.  Then it hit me. Jase... I was in a bad spot last year when i used to go to the West C. Nobody knew about it. I met an older boy named Jase. He told me i was special. But he was abusive and my friends got me away from him. I never went back. But now i have no choice. I walked towards his appartment. I hesitated at the knock I was about to place. I banged on the door. He anwsered with a beer in his hand and a smoke to his mouth. He took the smoke away from his lips and blew the smoke directly to my face. 

'I told you, that you'd be back' this conversation was in his hikia furnished living room. I sat there with a can of beer in my hand. I didn't want to sound weak so i flashed him a look and sipped my beer.  He just laughed at me. I hated him. I absolutly hated everything about him. But he was the only thing lower than myself.





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