I Don't Know What To Do With You

Shannen and Megan have been friends since they can remember. the thing is... after a sleepover, Shannen realised she has feelings for Megan's twin brother, Arthur-- BUT THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Arthur was starting to feel the same way... would they ever realise their feelings for each other?

Megan has like her guy bestfriend Jesse, since she first laid eyes on him. The problem is that he goes to her for advice on His Girlfriend Massy. Will she be able to build up the courage to tell him how she really feels?? Will Jesse feel the same way?


2. Jesse Stays For The Night

Jesse's P.O.V 

I was about half asleep before i heard my phone go off. I jumped up. SHANNEN? Why the hell was she calling meh?? I quickly answered and held the phone to my ear.


Shannen: JESSE, IDK WHAT TO DO, WE ARE SERIOUSLY PANICKING RIGHT NOW!!! OMG. (she said hyperventilating and in a pacing mode) 


Shannen: Well I went into the hall to check if Megan was okay because i wanted to see what was taking her so long.. SO i checked the hall and she wasn't there.. so i check the kitchen and the whiskey cabinet was unlocked. Then i finally found her with a bottle in her hand passed out laying on the floor!!!! (She said faster than Fran Capa 'Fastest women talker in the world')

Jesse: Shannen i can't understand you! Say that in English please!??  (She repeated the words slowly, this time Hysterically crying) OKay Say no more.. IM ON MEH WAY!!! 

I ran to my car and started my range rover.. I couldn't believe what had happened! MY BESTFRIEND Just passed out.... I didn't even realize how fast i was going but i was sure lucky i didnt kill anyone..


I heard someone at the door and I immediately went up to the door. I opened it and saw Jesse. His blonde short shaggy hair covered a bit of his caramelbrown eyes. I was crying and I immediately hugged him for comfort.

"Sh-she's downstairs." I said to him. He rubbed my back and let go of me. I followed him downstairs. Arthur had an icepack on Megan. We both walked closer to them. Arthur saw me and Jesse, and Jesse walked to Megan's aid. 

"Here, I'll get her." Jesse offered. Jesse leaned down to Megan and he stayed there with her, patting the ice pack on her head. Arthur was beside me and we just stared at them awkwardly. We just stayed there for like 3 minutes, and it was all silent so it felt really awkward.

"I think I'm just going to go upstairs and finish the movie..." I said. I gave Arthur a look that he should go too.

"Uh, yeah. Take care of her. Shout if ye need us!" Arthur said. We both raced upstairs. I went to Megan's bedroom, with Arthur behind me, and the air-chilled room felt so good on my skin. The basement was HAWT.

"Do you really want to finish the movie?" Arthur asked. I shook my head no. "Want to um... go to my room?"

"what the fuck, Arthur." I said to him. We both laughed. "Haha, sure whatevs faggot."

We walked to his room. His room was just next doors to Megan. I looked around and saw he had light blue walls, and his room was actually not messy-- to be honest, it was really neat. I jumped on his bed. It was bouncy. I was jumping on his bed.

"SHANNEN, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BED YOU'LL BREAK IT WITH YOUR FATNESS." He yelled at me. Jesus, here comes the hate again. And for a second I thought we might actually become friends. "Anyways, the reaosn I asked if you want to come to my room is because--"

"Dude, I'm just gonna warn you right now, I have a rape whistle." I warned him. We both laughed.

"No,no,no I wanna play video games. I'm bored-- let's play Black Ops?" 

"K, but that's pretty boring cause we all know, I'm fucking better than you." 

"Shut the fuck up bitch, and press 'START' already."

I sighed and we played zombies. He sucked at it, I got soo many kills. He kept looking at me form time to time, probably can't believe he is getting beaten by a girl he's sucha loser.


She's actually... beating me... I DID NOT PLAN THIS. She looks so much like a tryhard, but I thought she looked pretty cute. Arthur what the fuck are you saying. Shannen is a bitch, that called you a faggot, short, fugly, gross, annoying, and what the hell are you saing Arthur?

We kept playing.When the game finsihed, she won... of course. I ended up laughing. She gave me a winner's smile.

"Shannen..." I said to her.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"I..." I hesitated. "I think you cheated, you bitch!" 

She was going to say something when Megan walked into the room. Shannen immediately got up and hugged her.

"Okay, well... umm.. Jesse is staying for the night if it's okay with you guys..." Megan said.

"Why?" I asked. "I hate that guy, he's a douchebag."

"Well, too bad he's sleeping here with you." 

"Well, you can't make me." 

"He can't sleep in the couch, the couch is like fucking uncomfortable-- I can't even sit there for 5 minutes."

"Well... I DON'T KNOW?!"

"... Shannen..."

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Would you mind... sleeping with Arthur here in his room tonight?" Megan asked.

I looked at Megan, then at Shannen. I said nothing. Shannen sighed and nodded. Megan smiled and hugged Shannen then left us. Megan came back again and threw Shannen's stuff at me. AAAAH!

Shannen laughed. It was like 2:00 am in the morning and to be honest, I was getting kind of tired. I have a king sized bed (yeah, i know pretty big for just me) and there wasn't anywhere Shannen can sleep so I decide to sleep on the floor and let her sleep on my bed. 

I layed out a blanket on the floor and 2 pillows. Just cause me and Shannen hate each other, she's my sister's bestfriend and also a guest. I lied down on the ground and watched as Shannen lay in my bed.

"Goonight, Arthur..." Shannen said to me.

"Goodnight." I replied.

It turned really quiet. The floor is actually really uncomfortable-- especially if you have a wooden floor and not a carpeted one. After 10 minutes, Shannen's arm poked me from the bed. She gestured for me to go on the bed beside her.

"You seem really uncomfortable." She said to me. I took a deep breath and went in beside her. Her head went on my shoulder and I looked down. I gave a small smile and I tucked the blankets around us and cuddled my head on hers. 


All i could see was complete blackness, My head ached and i couldn't hear anything. I was pretty sure i was as good as dead by now over all the alcohol i had burning in my system. Words started to reach me. I heard a familiar voice telling me things were going to be okay. My favorite voice. I felt a soft touch caress my cheek and my eyes fluttered open. The first thing i saw was his caramel eyes fixed on mine.

'Oh thank god..' He sounded relived. I took a look around and realized where i was. The basement in the unfinished laundry room lying on the cold cement floor. I felt my head and blink a few more times. 

'I don't feel so--' Then i puked. Dumbass. thankfully there was a bucket near me. 

'Maybe i should get u upstairs to have some water?' Jesse said with concern written all over. I nodded slightly as he lifted me up and walked up the stairs. I hung onto his neck and set me on top of the counter. 

'Now im gonna give u a sleeping pill' He said handing the small tablet and glass of water into my hands. I nodded once again, threw the pill in my mouth and chugged the water. i gave him a reassuring smile to show him it went through.

'Well i think i should be heading--' I cut him off but covering his mouth with my hands. 'No, its to late, Stay' I look straight into his eyes he nodded and i went upstairs to tell Aurthor and Shannen the Plan. Once that was over i told Jesse to come upstairs. I was so tired i fell on my bed fast asleep.

Jesse's P.O.V

I covered her with her blankets. I slept with out blankets. She was under the covers. I was on top. When she looked at me earlier, It was different then how anyone had ever looked at me before. I smiled as i watched her sleep. And that's how the night went. Me dozing off to here sleeping. 

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