I Don't Know What To Do With You

Shannen and Megan have been friends since they can remember. the thing is... after a sleepover, Shannen realised she has feelings for Megan's twin brother, Arthur-- BUT THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Arthur was starting to feel the same way... would they ever realise their feelings for each other?

Megan has like her guy bestfriend Jesse, since she first laid eyes on him. The problem is that he goes to her for advice on His Girlfriend Massy. Will she be able to build up the courage to tell him how she really feels?? Will Jesse feel the same way?


9. Hesitation

  Megan's P.O.V

'Im looking for Arthur Bailey and Shannen Charisse?' I asked slowly hiding my idenity from the small woman behind the desk.

'Room 235 floor C' She said with a smile and continued on with directions.  As soon as she finished talking i ran for the elevator. Shit. Someone took it before me. I needed to get this done fast before anyone realized who i was. The elevator finally opened up for me. I swung around and saw Jesse running towards me. 

Jesse's P.O.V 

I need to stop her from running away. I searched around the hospital floor for any sign of her, and there she was waiting for an elevator. I bolted toward her. She walked inside the elevator and spotted me. I could see the shock inside her eyes. She pressed the button to close the door. i reached out to stop them. but it was to late. SHIT! I fled for the stairs.  Floor C. 4 floors up. I ran the whole way. I continued running as soon as i reached floor C, i needed to find room 235. 235, i repeated it in my head. And there i saw her. Then girl i had missed for weeks she stood about a meter in front of me. I relized how she felt. I needed to convince her to stay but how!? If i made her stay she would get mad. if i tried to convince her she'd leave anyway.  I need my best friend. I can't just let her leave.

'Megan!' She turned to face me.

'Jesse I told you, not to come find me!' She hissed. I seen the bruises on her face. I seen how her eyes were swollen and red from crying. I suddenly felt the pain she must had suffered. She wanted to run. Because she didn't want to be found. By anyone. And whatever happened with her Jase. Made me get angry. He caused these bruises and scars.

'i-M-Megan! DID HE DO THIS TO YOU!?' I yelled in frustration while showing her the bruises on her wrist. She looked away and i saw how she tried to fight back the tears. She saw the pain in my eyes i could feel it.

'Jesse, let go, your hurting me' she whimpered. I let go. I didn't realized how tight my grasp was.

'Don't lie to me, did he do this to you?' I looked into her eyes. She looked away. i touched her face gently and guided it back to face mine.

'Yes' she whispered softly.

'I'll kill him' 

'Jesse no! you can't! You need to stay away. This is why i need to go. After he sees what i did...  he is going to try to find me. He is going to try and hurt everyone i love. That why i need to go. To keep you all safe! You don't understand Jesse, You will never understand' 

'Then explain it to me' 

'I can't, he is probably telling the cops everything right now.' I need to speak to Arthur and Shannen. Just please. Let me go. Tell my mom and dad i'm sorry. Ill come back one day. I just ...' 

I pulled her into a hug. She cried into my shoulder. 'Shh, its okay, everything will be okay' I repeated. 'now go' I watched her walk into the room.

Megan's P.O.V

I walked into the room. I first laid my eyes on Arthur, then Shannen. I seen there injuries. I felt like i caused this. That im the reason they are here. I stood in the doorway. and watched them and the did separte things. They acted like they didnt know eachother. Something isn't right.  

'Megan?' I heard Shannen whisper. I walked over to her bed and sat beside her.

'hey' i said while holding onto her hand.

'What... where...have you been' 

'Its a long story' I said as a tear escaped my eyes. 'Im just glad your okay' 

'Im glad your okay too' 

'How is Arthur doing?' 

'Who's Arthur?' She stammered. Wait. Did she just say, who's arthur???!

'My twin brother Arthur? You two were in love? dont you remember?'

'Your crazy megan...'

I sat up immideatly and walked over to the other side of the room.

'Arthur!?' I said waking him up.

'Megan!!!! Your alive! your okay!' Where have you been! Why are you crying!?' He stammered out more and more questions.

'I'll explain to you soon. But listen closly. Do you know who Shannen is?' 

'No, should I?' At that. i sat back in the chair and held my head in my hands. They forgot about eachother. and it is all my fault...


After Megan said I was inlove with Arthur the guy pretty much beside me... well sort of, a curtain separated us... I kind of was... weirded out. Like, why would she fuck around with me like that... 

"Shannen. Arthur remember? Arthur, Shannen!!!" She yelled at both of us. Arthur and I both looked at each other and looked back at Megan. All we could really do was shrug while shaking our heads.

"You both... love each other."  I looked at Arthur again. Nothing.

"I don't get what you're trying to say here Megan...." I said.

"Y-yeah..." Arhur agreed. I could feel those hazel eyes stare at me..

"Whatever, I'm leaving this room and staying in the hall for at least 10 minutes. YOU BOTH WILL LOVE EACH OTHER WHEN I COME BACK, CAPISCHE?"

"Megan--" Arthur was gonna say, but she shut the door on us. So now it's me and Arthur. Alone. \forced to love each other.

"S-So.." I said. HE looked up at me. I have to admit, the way he flicked his hair and those hazel eyes were something. "Do you remember anything at all..."

"Not a single thing." He said. "I-I-I like you... but I think it's wrong Megan's forcing us to do this..."

"I think it's the right thing. If we really have loved each other that much... it'd be sad for us to both not know and just... g-go on separately."

"C-can I ask you a question?"

"You just did."

We both laughed. His smile was gorgeous too. It shimmered against the light. Maybe I actually did really love this boy.

"Go on." I said with a smile. He gave a small chuckle then stared at the ground.

"Do you ... want to..." He was gonna say something but then he trailed off... "do you want to go downstairs to the little food court in the hospital that they have?"

"Uh, y-yeah sure!"


This girl is okay... but I can't believe I was soo close to asking her if she wanted to kiss with me. I don't know but something about her makes me feel like it's right. Maybe I do love her. We went out of the room and saw Megan. Shannen and I immediately held hands, I guess we were both scared of Megan's wrath. She gave us a smile.

"YOU BOTH DID IT!" She hugged us both. We just awkwardly laugh and said.

"Um.. yeah... we uh... did it... I guess you can call it that." Shannen said. She shot me a smile, and I couldn't help but smile back. 

Megan's P.O.V

While i waited in the hall. I decided how i would tell them i was leaving. I had doubts of leaving. but no matter how much i wanted to stay. I couldn't. But Arthur and Shannen FORGETTING EACHOTHER. I couldn't believe it. But i know that someway somehow they will love eachother again.Just then they walked out holding hands. 

'YOU BOTH DID IT' I almost yelled but hugged them both. What a relief now just to get the hard part over.

 "Um.. yeah... we uh... did it... I guess you can call it that." She replied. I flashed then a small but fake smile.

'Shannen, Auther, can we go to the tim hortons down stairs, i have something very important to tell you two'

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