I Don't Know What To Do With You

Shannen and Megan have been friends since they can remember. the thing is... after a sleepover, Shannen realised she has feelings for Megan's twin brother, Arthur-- BUT THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Arthur was starting to feel the same way... would they ever realise their feelings for each other?

Megan has like her guy bestfriend Jesse, since she first laid eyes on him. The problem is that he goes to her for advice on His Girlfriend Massy. Will she be able to build up the courage to tell him how she really feels?? Will Jesse feel the same way?


8. Addicted to a Certian Kind Of Sadness

Megan's P.O.V 

It had almost been two weeks. I hadn't answered any calls or texts from My friends or family, not even Jesse. I had so much alcohol in my system that i honestly didn't care. I didn't go to school, I didn't go anywhere. It was all over the news that i had dissapeared. There was even a reward if someone knew where i was. I didn't like this attention, i didn't want to be found. 

'Turn that shit down, Hoe' Jase said in a harsh tone.

'Excuse me?' 

'I said turn that gay ass shit down you whore!' He screamed at me. He was on the other side of the room. I was pissed, but used to what he called me. Slut, Whore, Hoe, Worthless, Bitch, you name it. I had lost all respect for myself. I was emotionally depressed. Sometimes Jase would tell me to go kill myself. But then there where the moments that he loved me. No one would understand. I was attached. I craved for feeling and the only feeling i could feel was pain. So i stayed. But today wasn't a good day. Everything got to me. 

'Fuck you, i'm not turning shit down' I yelled back. He walked up to me with force. Took my  iPhone off the dock and smashed it on the ground. I gulped. I was about to slap him, but he caught my arm and held it with a tight grasp. I gasped at the pain. He looked me straight in the eye and threw me to the floor.  

'I warned you, Worthless whore' He spat the words at me and slammed the flat door as he left. I whimpered and moaned in pain lying on the cold hard ground. I started to laugh while the tears came down my face. I was wearing an over-sized shirt with underwear. I had gone mad. I searched the room for his stash of marijuana. I took a joint and breathed it in. I was addicted to a certain kind of Sadness. Some people would say I was good as gone. I had gotten up. I screamed at everything. I thew papers, glass, plates, knives, chairs at the walls. I wrecked everything. I grabbed a sharpie and wrote on the walls. I wrote the words he called me. 'worthless, whore, hoe, slut, bitch'  i grabbed my things and packed hen back into my small knapsack  I changed my clothes covered myself up. I couldn't risk being seen now. I took one last look and ran out the door, leaving it wide open.


I woke up... and the first thing I saw was lights. :) Okay, no seriously, I'm in a hospital. What the hell am I doing here? I woke up and saw another bed beside me. It had a boy.

"Sorry, can you explain what I'm doing here?" I asked the boy. He slowly got up and scratched his head. "I'm Shannen by the way..."

"Oh, I'm Arthur... and no idea. I don't even know wyh I'm here either." He replied. Interesting, something rings a bell in that name but I just don't know what.


Megan's P.O.V

I didn't know where to go. I hide my face behind my sunglasses. I looked like a mess. I just needed someone. I walked through the street and found a payphone. I searched for whatever change i had. The only person who would understand right now, was Jesse.  I dialed in his number and held the telephone to my ear. I waited as the dials past and he finally answered

Jesse's P.O.V 

My phone rang. I searched my room. Found it. It was a blocked number.

Me: Hello?? (I waited for a rely. I heard cars go by in the backround) 

Person: Umm.. Jesse? (I recognized that voice from anywhere... Megan)

  Me: MEGAN!!!!! Where are you???!!! ( i said picking up my car keys getting ready to go pick her up)

Megan: I can't say. I just need you to know im going to get out of town for a bit. I was staying at Jases' for a couple weeks. I just ran. I'm in a bad place Jesse. You can't tell anyone you heard from me. Don't find me. I promise you i will call you as soon as i get where i go.

Me: Wait. Before you hang up, you need to know that Aurther and Shannen are in the hostpital. I know your mad at them but... You need to know this. Atleast say goodbye to them... 

She Hung up the phone after i said that. I hoped in my car and went straight to the hostpital,

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