I Don't Know What To Do With You

Shannen and Megan have been friends since they can remember. the thing is... after a sleepover, Shannen realised she has feelings for Megan's twin brother, Arthur-- BUT THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Arthur was starting to feel the same way... would they ever realise their feelings for each other?

Megan has like her guy bestfriend Jesse, since she first laid eyes on him. The problem is that he goes to her for advice on His Girlfriend Massy. Will she be able to build up the courage to tell him how she really feels?? Will Jesse feel the same way?


1. Sleepover=Beginning?


"MEGAN, GIMME THE REMOTE." I yelled at her. I was at her house for a sleepover and we were flippin through available movies we could watch.

"NO, MAN, I'M PICKING THE MOVIE TONIGHT-- YOU PICKED LAST WEEK." She yelled back. I took a sigh and gave up. She had a point. But the thing is, we never watched a scary movie together-- to be exact, I hate scary movies and I never want to watch one... but what the hell, crazy shit happens at sleepovers.

"So, you guys are watching a scary movie I see." I heard Arthur went in the room and he had popcorn in his hands. He sat beside me and Megan. He scratched his brown hair and his hazel eyes were fixed on the screen.

"Awe, thanks for the free popcorn Arthur." I said while snatching the popcorn bowl outta his hands. He gave me a glare as grabbed the bowl back.

Jesus Christ, I hated Arthur. Like i dont know why me and him are such dicks to each other, but he's just... ugh. We were really good friends in grade 5 till 7... I don't know what happened. The point is, it's sad Arthur is Megan's twin brother-- when their personalities are such the opposite.

"You know what, let's watch Chuckie!" I suggested. They both nodded their heads and we began to watch the movie. Arthur put the popcorn bowl in the middle for everyone to share. I heard Megan's phone go off.

"Someone's calling me!" She said. She looked at her phone's screen. "It's Jesse... excuse me, this may take a while but keep watching the movie! I'll be back." She left me and Arthur all alone.

"Ugh, this doll is so gay." Arthur said to e, trying to make a conversation.

"Good, cause it sure does remind me of you." I said.

"At least I don't have your fugly face."

We called it quits and kept watching the movie. 

Then.. there was this part of the movie that makes you jump,but you know what Arthur and I did? We immediately hugged each other. It was like a weird reflex. Arthur and I use to do this when we were scared of something.. until we weren't friends.

"Oh, well uhm, that hasn't happened for a long time..." I said to him. To be honest, feelimg that hug made me miss him.


"Well, yeah I realized fags do that shit." I answered.

I miss Shannen, I really do. After that hug it made me miss her more. But whatever you know, fuck this-- why should I waste my time trying to be her friend again when she doesn't even give a shit. 

We ignored each other for a bit. I noticed she got closer to me and something happened between us and the popcorn bowl. Our fingers entwined accidentallly while reaching for some popcorn. I don't know but I felt a spark, I don't even know what it means, but I feel like that was the perfect way to explain it.

Shannen quickly un-entwined her fingers and shoved a handful of popcorn in her mouth. She was staring at me more though throughout the movie, and sometimes I'd stare back, then we'd pull away. I wonder if she felt that.. "spark" too.

I wonder how Megan is now though because it has been 20 minutes.


Before Aurthor came and interrupted me and Shannen's movie night. My phone went off with the "Louis Tomlinson, SUPERMAAAANNN!!! Notification I dove for meh phone! It had to be Jesse. Me and Jesse have been bestfriends since elementary school and i have liked him ever since. 

'Oh i bet it Jesse' Shannen said while she nudged me.

'How would you know??' I said trying to hold back my blush.

'Because you only have that SPECIAL ringtone for that SPECIAL Person' She said and contined watching the movie.

While Aurthor came barging in i read the text that Jesse had sent:

Jesse: Call me ASAP. 

Me; Okay :) 

I could'nt believe he wanted me to call him...  I picked up my phone and walked out into the hallway. While i was standing nervously in the hallway. Blushing like a complete retard. I finally built up the courage to dial his number. I don't knoow why i get so Nervous when i must have dialed the number a BILLION times. After a few dials... He finally answered. 

'Megan!!! Thank god you called'

I could hear the tension in his voice, he was about to tell me something. 

'Hey, Jess, what wrong... you sound like you want to tell me something..' I siad with a flirty voice, then i realized how i sounded so i rolled my eyes while face palming myself because i felt like (again) a total retard. The silence was getting awkward i knew he was thinking bout how to tell me.. whatever it is he wants to tell me. 

'I need advice' He finanally said

'Okay shoot' 

' So today i finally built up the courage to ask her out...' He said. By 'Her' He meant Massy Parks... The girl that i envied so much. My heart immdiatly sank and i felt a lump starting to form in my throught... 

'Oh and?' I managed to say without choking the words out..

'well do you think i did the right thing..' He said stuttering now.

I managed to force myself smile. I closed my watering eyes and let the tears flow down my face... I finally answered for the sake of his happiness.

 'Yes i think you did the absolute right thing. but my mom is calling me now so i gotta hang up now bye' I imidiatly hung up and slide my back down the wall... My heart broke again in a matter of 20 minutes...

I walked to the basement. I headed for my mother's stash full of boos. No one's home anyways besides me, Shannen, and Arthur. Tears strolled my face as I opened some vodka. I chugged a whole bottle immediately. I didn't care. I cried some more, and now opened a bottle of whiskey. I drank, and drank and next thing I knew, I blacked out.


"Arthur?" I said, trying to get his attention. He looked at me. "I think I'm going to go check on Megan, okay?"

"You can't leave me here all alone..." He said. I raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Just kidding, do whatever you want, I don't care."

I left Arthur. I went to look for Megan but I couldn't find her anywhere. I looked at the basement and that's where I found her. She was lying on the floor, with a whiskey bottle in her hand. 

"MEGAN," I yelled at her. "MEGAN, WAKE UP. DUDE--" I leaned down and checked if she was breathing. She was breathing. I shook her a bit, but not too much. I saw Arthur coming down the stairs.

"What's going on--" Arthur saw what happened and immediately ran up to Megan. He leaned her head on his lap. I checked her phone. Jesse was the last one she talked to. There must be a reason she's drinking, he promised she'd never drink again since the last time-- and she's 15! We're just in GRADE 10!!! I decided to call Jesse.


I hung up the phone on her and I took a deep breath. This phone call was different from all the phone calls I had with Megan... I don't know why, but something felt different. But I'm soo happy I finally got the courage to ask Massy out! I've liked her for 3 years, and I only really told Megan... but whenever I do, I realize her mood would change.

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