The Daddy's Girl I Will Never Be...( Niall Horan fan fiction )

Daddys little girl ... psh yeah right my name is Mayson, Mayson Isabelle Horan im 12 years old. I know what your thinking, yes im Niall horans daughter but he doesnt know. My mum got pregant with me she went to a party and there was niall horan, they both got drunk and boom i was made, Niall, later moved away from my mum and our home town, then 3 years later he became famous and well my mum and me got kidnapped, last night was christmas and I spent it as the last night with my mum.Today is her birthday that she never made it to.She saved me if she did'nt die the kidnappers would of killed me. Now im here sitting in this concreate room crying for my mummy knowing shes never coming back, and left to wonder why could'nt my dad love me or know about me. I will never be a daddys girl, i will never be happy again and i will never ever feel loved in the same way. My mum is my life and it's now gone, i love you mom, i hope dad can love me and all my little things.... if i ever find him...


8. turning into a 14 year old delinquite

~~~~~~~~~~~Two Mouth's later~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mayson's POV

"mayson wake up its your birthday " i heard louis yell from the other side of my locked door. I was not soposed to lock my door or keep my window unlocked because over the past 2 months i have tried to commit twice and i've gotten into some pretty bad stuff lets just say at the moment i had the biggest hangover known to man, "Go away lewis!" i sleared throwing a pillow at my door and hidding my head under my blanket "NO! mayson are you drunk again? Unlock this door now !" he sounded pretty pissed off, i just ignored him but that soon was cut short by my door swinging open and 5 boys stomping in. "Mayson Isabelle-Carly Horan !Talk to me!" i heared my dad yell, one of them riped the covers off of my cold body, let me say not a good idea, see i sometimes don't change into my pj's and well lets just say i had on only my bathing suit, i went to a party last night and we went swiming i never changed out of it considering i was drunk. "G-go away Lewis!" i yelled fliping onto the floor, i got up and stumbled to my bathroom but i made it half way when i triped and fell into harry's arms, I looked at him and smiled while stroking his face and suductivly whispering "Hey babe put me down your not getting anything!" he droped me like a dime i fell and soon was greated by the unforgetable taste of vomit, i ran to my bathroom and flung the toilet bowl's lid open emptying the contense of me stomach, i got back up and went to bed, "im tired leave me alone!" i yelled, they all just laughed at my drunkness i soon after fell asleep......

Let's talk about sex, baby
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sex
Let's talk about sex
Let's talk about sex
Let's talk about sex

my ringtone went off for my bestfriend Aj

"Hello ?" i mumbled into the phone "Hey babes happy birthday" "Thanks whats up ?" "Nothing my bro is picking you up in ten minuets its already 8:30 and jayce is haveing a party see you soon" with that Aj hung up, "Shit" i mumbled i ran for the bathroom and pulled my hair out of its messy bun to leave me with thick spiral  curls i quickly changed into my party dress, it was a dark blue tight strapless dress that ended just below my thiegh's i through on some heels and grabed my phone i stuffed it in my bra and ran down stairs.

I ran into the boys and my dad on the way out "Where do you think your going?" they all asked at the same time "Um out duh its my birthday see ya later" i started walking out of the house when someone stoped me i turned around to see harry with his hand grabed around my small arm "Your not going anywhere dreesed like that you look like a slut!" he exclaimed i looked at him with a grin "Thanks hazza maybe i will get laid tonight and with that i took a b-line for Aj's bro's car....

Not soon after we arrived at the party my phone started blowing up i just turned it off and injoyed my self. I got a drink and i started danceing with this guy he was pretty cute and was 16 only 2 years diffrent, he offerend me a drink and i gladly took it, i was wasted and the guy knew it to, he led me up to a bedroom and then well ya know, that stament i made to harry came true, when we were finished we got dressed and i started to head home (of corse i walked ) i was almost home (whitch took forever considering i was drunk ) when a white van pulled up to me two guys pulled me in, i was to drunk to know what was happning till it happened the men raped me and then kicked me out of the side walk, I knew who they were, thats what makes it worse, the two men where the boy's best mates Andy and Josh, i quickly stumbled home wraped in only the riped strips of my dress basiclly only my bra and boy shorts cause you could see the whole picture. I was crying to histerics and i could feel my weak legs start to give out i opened the door of out flat and tried to run up the stairs but fell down half way up, i just gave up and sat there crying scared out of my mind. When i heard foot steps coming from above me and a faint voice "Mayson?" then loud foot steps i reconised the fimiler irish accent, he came down to me and scoped me up he carried my broken body up to the movie room where i was greated by someone covering me with a blanket i was scared, to scared my dad put me down on the couch and they all asked me what happen thats when i told them

"Daddy t-they raped me!"....

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