The Daddy's Girl I Will Never Be...( Niall Horan fan fiction )

Daddys little girl ... psh yeah right my name is Mayson, Mayson Isabelle Horan im 12 years old. I know what your thinking, yes im Niall horans daughter but he doesnt know. My mum got pregant with me she went to a party and there was niall horan, they both got drunk and boom i was made, Niall, later moved away from my mum and our home town, then 3 years later he became famous and well my mum and me got kidnapped, last night was christmas and I spent it as the last night with my mum.Today is her birthday that she never made it to.She saved me if she did'nt die the kidnappers would of killed me. Now im here sitting in this concreate room crying for my mummy knowing shes never coming back, and left to wonder why could'nt my dad love me or know about me. I will never be a daddys girl, i will never be happy again and i will never ever feel loved in the same way. My mum is my life and it's now gone, i love you mom, i hope dad can love me and all my little things.... if i ever find him...


3. My Best Friend Harold...

Mayson's POV

"She looks like she has been crying louis, what do i do i wanna be her bestfriend" i heard someone mumble, i shot up and looked around at my surondings. I looked up and saw harry standing next to louis. Then last nights memories came flowing back into my head, i was singing my  mums song when i cried my self asleep in the recording booth. "Harry you already are my best friend" i whined catching him by suprise, he looked shocked "yay i have a little best friend " he yelled before running to me and throwing me over his sholder and rushing down the stairs. "Help!" I yelled at the other boys as harry started tickling me, they just laughed at me trying to get out of harrys tight grip. Soon after everybody left to do there own thing and i was left with harry, we started talking and soon after harry new everything about me, he truly was my best friend. The door bell rang and all the boys raced to the door, of corse liam got to it first and greated the people at it. Before i knew it 3 older girls walked through, and i knew exactly who they were. "Hey may may how have ya been ?" the oldest girl asked, they were all mean the oldest was 16 her name was cally then next was 13 my age her name was hunner then youngest was 12  her name was bella and she used to be my best friend intel that horrible one day when she turned on me, they were my bullys! from school, they have found me again. Im not talking about only the kind of bullys who call you mean names and stuff im talking full on abuse bullys they used to beat me up and call me horrible names, at one time they started this horrible rummor that i was a slut and that i was a prostitute. That one was by far the worst thats when my horrible life took a turn for the worst i started cutting i thought everything would be ok but after that one day on the last week of school we had gym and i was changeing in the bathroom stale when hunner decided to take a picture of me with out my shirt on everybody saw my cuts, They called me a attendtion whore, a hoe, slut, emo, crazy, my life was hell and all i wanted to do was die. And thats what i was determined to do I ran home and flew past my mum and into my room i locked the door and ran to my bathroom i took out everything i could think of i found some bleach in the cabnit from when my mum cleaned the tub last week i walked out to my room and sat on my bed crying debating what to do. I was at my breaking point, i was done with all this shit i opened the bottel of bleach and drank the whole thing i layed there on my bed listening to my mum try to get in, i will never forget the feeling i had as i was sliping away. The world started spining and my breaths began shorting, i was about ot closed my drupy eyes when i saw my door flung open, i watched as my mum regestered what was going on, she was crying she ran and grabed the phone, she called for help and then sat down by me she rested my head on her chest and was talking to me. "Mayson babe everything will be ok, just keep your eyes open please ?" i heard the sirens in the background but i knew they would not make it in time. I closed my eyes and whispered " I love you mum tell.... dad the same !" then i stoped everything. I heard my mum screaming and crying my name she was pulled away from me and some other people carried me out on a stercher, the next thing i know im waking up in a hospital room with a bunch of beeps coming from around the room with my mum holding my hand.

"mayson come on bitch snap out of it !" i was slaped acrossed the face, i looked around to see me in a ally way with cally, hunner and bella none of the boys. "How did i get here?" i asked "um we brought you here from you big house with all your brothers ! your such a stupid ass!" hunner yelled at me i then relized i was sitting in blood i reached up and felt my face my nose was bleeding i touched my cheek and winced at the tenderness, "why are you doing this to me ?" i yelled while standing up. I was pushed back down and i fell agenst a brick wall. "Because you deserve it !" bella yelled at me, she was pushed out of the way by hunner and cally, they both grined at me with sick smirks and hunner put something in my mouth so i could not scream then before i could do anything cally hit me in the ribs, not with her fist but a metal rod i tried to scream but the thing in my mouth would'nt let me, she did this a few more times before hunner pushed her out of the way they lit a cigerett and at the same time pushed them into my chest. The pain was unbearable. When they were done with that they both made bella open a beer they drank half of it  and then dumped it all over me they did the same with vodka, they called me a few more names then untied my hands and ran away. i was left bleeding and crying in an ally i quickly looked at the damage that was down to my body. i took the piece of cloth out of my mouth and ran back to the house. i quitly opened the door and looked around i wrote a note and put it on the counter of the kitchen cause i assumed no one was home.

Dear boys if you need me im in my room if not don't come and get me ! thanks-Mayson

with that i ran up the stairs to my room i slamed the door shut and locked it then i ran to my bathroom i shut and locked that door to. I walked over to the full body mirror and looked at my bloody body again i started the tub and waited for it to get full, i striped of my bloody clothes and put them in the corner of the bathroom. I grabed my razor and got into the warm jet bath tub, as soon as my skin touched the water it hurt. I promised my mum i would'nt cut anymore but at this point i don't even know if im alive. Promises are ment ot be broken right?, i slowly layed down in the bath tub and began the torture i had called for. I cut, and cut , and cut intel the water was all red. I could'nt stop i moved from my legs up to my wrist i made one cut and relized this time maybe i would die. The cut on my wrist was deep and would'nt stop bleeding, i felt my self sliping away from this world again and just as i closed my eyes and started dreaming i heard a fimiler boice and a scream.... 

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