The Daddy's Girl I Will Never Be...( Niall Horan fan fiction )

Daddys little girl ... psh yeah right my name is Mayson, Mayson Isabelle Horan im 12 years old. I know what your thinking, yes im Niall horans daughter but he doesnt know. My mum got pregant with me she went to a party and there was niall horan, they both got drunk and boom i was made, Niall, later moved away from my mum and our home town, then 3 years later he became famous and well my mum and me got kidnapped, last night was christmas and I spent it as the last night with my mum.Today is her birthday that she never made it to.She saved me if she did'nt die the kidnappers would of killed me. Now im here sitting in this concreate room crying for my mummy knowing shes never coming back, and left to wonder why could'nt my dad love me or know about me. I will never be a daddys girl, i will never be happy again and i will never ever feel loved in the same way. My mum is my life and it's now gone, i love you mom, i hope dad can love me and all my little things.... if i ever find him...


4. breaks are sometimes needed

Harry's POV

I was watching the telly when i heard the front door being slamed shut, i saw mayson run to the kitchen i quitly followed her but stayed out of sight i watched her as she wrote something on a peice of paper and then stormed up stairs. She looked diffrent her hair was all knoted and she smelled rather of achole which was weird cause she's only 13 years old, Niall went to get a few cases of beer for us later tonight and the boys went to get dani and el. I walked over the the peice of paper and read it.

Dear boys if you need me im in my room if not don't come and get me ! thanks-Mayson

it had bloody finger prints on it, i droped the note and ran up stairs my mind going a mile a minuet. I started pounding on the door i heared the slightest sound of crying. I had to be there for about 20 minuets when i heard the door open i ran down stairs and everything came out in a panic. "Oh my god thank god your home mayson came home crying she wrote a note then ran up stairs the note had bloody finger prints on it and she smelled like beer and vodka she wont open the door for me what do i do !!!?!?!?!??" i yelled in one breath niall looked at me "She smelled like beer ? she's bloody 13!" "Hold on nialler let me and El have a girl talk with her maybe that will help!" dani said we all nodded and me dani and el made our way up to her bedroom of corse it was locked i kicked it down and we looked for her but we found nothing tell we reached her bathroom door. I had bloody hand prints on it and we heard loud crying i gave dani and el the key to her bathroom and left so they could have a girl talk. I was half way down the stairs when i heard a voice and a loud scream...

El's POV (Louis girlfriend)

After harry left me and dani knocked on the door "Mayson its me and dani can we come in ?" we got no answer so we put the key in and walked in we were greated by a pile of bloody clothes with the strong smell of beer and vodka presant. "Mayson ?" dani yelled we walked around the corner and thats when i saw it, there was blood everywhere, there was blood on the white floor and all over the sink, we walked slowly to the tub area and thats when we lost it, there in the bath tub was a lifeless mayson covered in blood naked. The water was a slight tint of red, and she had brusies and cuts all over her, she was hanging half way out of the tub and her eyes were closed. My heart started pounding, i could feel the tears start to form. She had a bloody razor on her hand, and looked dead. Me and dani both looked at each other before we let out the deadlyest screams we have ever in our life's. We were both in tears we ran out of the bathroom and half way down the hall when we were ment by all of the boys i ran into lou's shirt and cried when dani did the same with liam. Niall asked us what was wrong and we both cried out "Mayson....blood...everywhere....tub...." niall, harry, zayn, liam and louis all looked at each other before running into maysons room me and dani just sat on the first step of the stairs and cried...

Harry's POV

Me and the boys all looked at each other with fright and ran for maysons bedroom . I was the first one there and i ran all the way to her bathroom and into the tub area i was greated by blood and the horrible smell of achole, but i stopped dead in my tracks when i saw the heart breaking sight there laying in the bath tub naked and bloody was mayson she had a razor in her hand and her eyes were shut, i felt my eyes start to water i turned around to see all the boys and niall on the floor. I grabed a towel and took her out of the tub, i wraped her in a bunch of towels and took her to her bed i got dani and el to dress her and then me and the boys walked beack into her room she had on a sports bra and short short's on we examined her broken body. There were brusies everywhere she had a hand print on her face and two single burns on her lower stomach, she had a badly blackened brusied acrossed her ribs like she was beaten with something and she had cuts all the way up her legs and on her stomach and one single cut out sentance on her wrist it read 'never good enough for anyone, not even daddy' Niall noticed this and was heart broken. She was such a beautiful young talented girl, yet she was cutting her self? we were about to leave when she sat up crying, "harry el can we take a drive i need to talk to you guys" i was shocked "Of corse we can" i said while looking at her and then at el we were slowly walking when the door bell rang we all raced down the stairs and to the door me with the weightless 13 year old girl on my back i opened the door and saw a tall boy about the age of 17 or so. Mayson jumped down in confusion "Alex?".......

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