The Daddy's Girl I Will Never Be...( Niall Horan fan fiction )

Daddys little girl ... psh yeah right my name is Mayson, Mayson Isabelle Horan im 12 years old. I know what your thinking, yes im Niall horans daughter but he doesnt know. My mum got pregant with me she went to a party and there was niall horan, they both got drunk and boom i was made, Niall, later moved away from my mum and our home town, then 3 years later he became famous and well my mum and me got kidnapped, last night was christmas and I spent it as the last night with my mum.Today is her birthday that she never made it to.She saved me if she did'nt die the kidnappers would of killed me. Now im here sitting in this concreate room crying for my mummy knowing shes never coming back, and left to wonder why could'nt my dad love me or know about me. I will never be a daddys girl, i will never be happy again and i will never ever feel loved in the same way. My mum is my life and it's now gone, i love you mom, i hope dad can love me and all my little things.... if i ever find him...


11. aftermath

Niall's POV

Nothing seemed real anymore, I just wanted to be back in that moment with the one I love, now I'm standing here in this Field looking like a dumb ass.

Mayson has to hate me... I mean I'm her father and I feel like I haven't done shit for her, she's my baby girl. She has been though so much already and now this ... I want to hurt myself just thinking about it, nothing is fine when my baby is not okay. She's a stubborn little brat like her mum was, but she is also a loving, caring and beautiful little girl. She is my heart and soul.

My rock in life. With out her my life was a dim lighted concert with her here it's like I can see again.

I came across a tree and sat my back to it. I sat and thought until my phone started ringing. It was louis.

N- hello ?

L- Mayson is alright just shaken up we will meet you back at home ?

N- yeah... Sure I'll be there.

I knew exactly where I was going, and it wasn't home. I got up off the tree, put my phone in my pocket and started walking. I didn't stop till the bright neon sign came into view.

The pub was just what I needed right now.

I walked in a took a spot at the bar.

"What can I get for you sir?" The lady asked at the bar.

"Shots, and a beer, keep em comin to." I replied with nothing but a grim line on my face. She nodded and came back with 4 shots and a beer.

I drank until all my thoughts were gone. Until I couldn't see straight. Until I didn't give a flying fuck to anything in the world. Until my life seemed to go back to normal.

I could help but think with every shot I took.

"God I'm such a fuck up."

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