when tides touch: an odyssey

ON HOLD. Life is like a tide. That's what Mina's grandmother tells her.
Monika's deaf, Tallulah's blind and Reese is mute. And Lora can't walk.
The lives of five very different girls meet at the same time, when their waves all collide to form the same tide.
Originally titled "life: a poetic odyssey".


1. one: my grandmother

i once remember my grandmother told me

life is like a tide

exactly what she said.

but i didn't understand.

i asked her

she answered.

"just like a tide

life goes forward

life recedes

life has its ups and downs

highs and lows.

some people say

only girls are the tide

and their men are the beaches they occupy

but i think we are all tides

water, always flowing, moving

and the beach is

--what we think of as--

the extent of our capabilities.

many tides never even make it to the end of the beach."

"but some do,

don't they?"


and even some don't know it.

i think tides should know

when their time is to recede

but they'd have no control

even if they did."

i saw her hands shake

like her body was broken

and her mind even more so

as she painted the last


she would ever see

and i knew she was right.

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