concert gone tragic(one direction fan fic)

keira goes to a one direction concert and ends up in hospital with a broken ankle but what she doesnt no is that there at her house when she wakes up in the middle of the night and she turns around after taking a pain killer she see's niall standing there will she fall or will they just be friends.


2. meeting niall

Keira’s P.O.V

I woke up at 4am with the biggest pain in my ankle so I sat on my bed grabbed my crouches and made my way out to get a cup and the medicine the doctor gave me when I got the cup of water I had the medicine and then turned around I saw someone standing there I went in to shock.

Niall's P.O.V

When she turned around she was in shock I said hello then she just nodded I asked if she was ok and she shook her head I saw her take something if it was painkillers they probably hadn’t kicked in yet about 2 minutes later she got all light headed and got unsteady on the crouches so I helped her stay up right then she said “your Niall Horan are the others here” I said back to her “yes they are love there sleeping but since there not up would you like to come to our last concert since you missed out on the last one” she was trying to hold back her excitement so she didn’t wake the others she said “yes I would love to”. I said “there back stage” then she got more excited after 3 minutes of her trying to get it under control I was still helping her stay up then she asked “how long are you staying in Australia”. I said “well were staying in Melbourne a few more days”. She said ok then said “could we please talk about this in the morning I’m sorry it’s just I’m tired and the pain killers I took are making me a bit unsteady on my crouches”. I said “ok” then I picked her up bridal style and took her to her bed then put her down then I asked “when do you have to go see the doctor again”. She replied with “tomorrow” I thought to myself thank god we don’t have a concert tomorrow I asked “if I could come along”. She said “yes all you boys can come well that’s if the others want to” .


sorry its a short chapter the next one is longer xx :)


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