concert gone tragic(one direction fan fic)

keira goes to a one direction concert and ends up in hospital with a broken ankle but what she doesnt no is that there at her house when she wakes up in the middle of the night and she turns around after taking a pain killer she see's niall standing there will she fall or will they just be friends.


1. broken & hospital visit

Keira's P.O.V

It was time to go to the concert when I got there; there was so many people there was this one girl that saw me and came at me because she saw that I had found my seat when she got to me she pushed me down the stairs and I got badly hurt the ambulance came they called my mum for me because I was in so much pain they had also given me morphine it helped a little when we got to the hospital they took me straight to the x-ray room because I couldn’t tell them where it hurt so they x-rayed my whole body when they were done they saw that my ankle looked funny but they didn’t no if it was broken I went home when they gave me pain killers put a cast on my ankle and my mum came they said that I’ve got to go in tomorrow because they would have the results when we got home I went straight to bed.

Laura’s P.O.V

The concert started when a girl went with the ambulance to the hospital. I’ve got a feeling that it was Keira but I don’t no through the first song that stuck in my mind because she wasn’t here yet and she wouldn’t miss this for the world. when they finished the first song they were talking about a girl that got pushed done the stairs then someone came on to the stage and told them something then they said the name of the girl Keira. When they said that I was in shock the concert ended 2 hours later and they asked for any one that knows Keira to come and say something. so went up to them and said that I’m best friends with Keira and said I knew where she lived they asked if I could write that down so they can go see her and they gave me there number.


Nialls P.O.V

When the concert was over we asked for people who no Keira to come and say something her best friend came forward and told us lots of stuff we asked if she could write the address down so she did we gave her our phone numbers after that we went to her house we got there around 11pm because it was an hour’s drive from Melbourne to Ballarat we had never been there before so we were curious we got to her house the light was still on we knocked on the door and asked if Keira was home it turned out to be her mum she said “yes but she’s asleep” then she said “if you want to stay the night you can” we all said “yes” she let us in and got blankets for us apologizing for the mess after she got us stuff we got talking then she went to bed we went to bed to.

A/N sorry guys about the chapter name its just i couldn't come up with one sorry

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