I fell in love with my best friend...... Harry Styles! Does he like me back? Will he find out? Does he remember me? If you want to find out read my story<3


7. Talking

Harry's POV
Why was the girl I love crying? I haven't seen her in forever. This is the love of my life.

"Ari, why are you crying?" I asked
"Do you want to go back to your flat or mine? Then I'll tell you." Ari said
"Mine, Gemma misses you. When we get to my flat we tell each other everything k?" I asked
"Sure, dimples" she said wiping away her tears. It feels good to hear her voice and call me dimples. It's been too long.
*skip car ride*
I haven't been here in ages" Ariella said.
"I know lets go" I said fiddling with my keys, untill I opened the door.
"Ahhhhh Ariella OMIGOSH ARI, I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!" Gemma screamed
"Hi Gemma." Ariella said "I'll talk to you later Kay."
"Sure, Ar." Gemma said
"See ya later Gem" Ari replied. We ran up the stairs to my room, and sat on my bed.

"Ari, why were you crying?" I asked
"Because, I haven't seen you in forever. Your my best friend, my closest friend. You mean soo much to me and to tell you the truth I also was hurt you ne'er responded. You never were there." Ariella said with tears threatening to escape from her beautiful blue eyes as she pushed her long brown wavy hair away from her face.
"Ari, I'm so sorry. Management wouldn't let me call. Trust me I know a lot that's happend. I guess I was your number one fan or stalker. Every free moment I would have I checked your,twitter, Facebook,Instagram, everything. I missed you so much, you mean too much to me." I said crying, this girl had no clue the effect she had on me.
Ariella's POV
I love this boy so much. That is the sweetest thing anybody has said to me.
"Thanks Haz, your band is amazing. I'm a pretty big fan. I probably am the biggest Harry fan since I know everything about you." I said "Your my favorite!" I said.
"So tell me about being famous." I said. Me and Harry talked for hours. It was almost 12 when my mom texted me
Mom: Ari where r u, r u okay?
Me: yeah sorry I'm at Gems flat, we're having a sleepover
Mom: Okay love see you tomarrow
*end of convo*
Harry's POV
We had an amazing chat. I missed her, we talked about life, memories and the band. She is a fan with posters in her room. I was happy to see our promise necklace. She said she never took it off. She also is going to our concert in a few months so I'm giving her passes for backstage. We can never separate again, I felt so lonely without her. I'm meeting her friends tommarrow and she's meeting the rest of the band in 2 weeks. I need to tell her how I feel. I need her to be mine.
"Harry do you have any clothes." She asked
"Yeah, love." I said handing her boxers sweats and a jumper.
"Thanks Haz." She relied "it was a great chat." She said after coming out from changing.
"Yeah" I said
"Night Haz, I'm gonna talk to gem then go to sleep," she said as I nodded.
*2 hours of talking passed*
Ariella's POV
It was nice to catch up with Gemma. It was 2:00 in the morning. I was tired so I went to Harry's room to find him awake.
"Night Haz" I said crawling into his warm bed. We always used to have sleepovers, we always slept together as friends.
"Night Ari." Harry said as he turned out the light and crawled next to me. I really love this boy. I think he is the one.

Hey guys, I know I haven't updated in awhile, but I've been drowning in homework, so yeah this chapter took 1 hour to write. Enjoy. Next chapter should be good. Love you all! ❤
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