I fell in love with my best friend...... Harry Styles! Does he like me back? Will he find out? Does he remember me? If you want to find out read my story<3


4. Memories

Chapter 4: Memories
(Arielle's and Harry's special moments)

Meeting for the first time:

Ariella's pov
I was 4 and I was getting a new neighbor my age. I was as playing outside and A blue Honda pulled up and a little boy my age with nice curls ran out of of it towards me. I had a ball in my hand and was about to go to my backyard to play on the set out there. The boy finally made it to me with an older girl next to him.
"Hi, I'm Gemma and I'm 8 and this is my brother Harry who is 4" she said confidently.
"Hello I'm Ariella and I'm 4 do you want to play?" I asked politely
"Sure!" They said in unison
"Follow me!" I said enthusiastically, we ran to my backyard
"Wow!" Harry exclaimed, Gemma ran to the slide as me and Harry walked and talked. That day I knew we were going to be BFF's.
Harry's P.O.V.
I knew when I met her that day at her house we would be great friends
*end of memory*

First Kiss
Harry and Ariella's pov
We were 12 and studying for our big test and Harry cleared his throat.
"Yes" I asked
"Umm, have you had your first kiss yet?" He asked, we were never afraid to aske personal questions we told each other basically everything.
" No, you?" Ariella replied
"No" Harry said. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds until Harry broke it."Ariella" he said as his voice craked slightly
"Hmm" Ariella said as she looked up, just then Harry smashed his warm lips into hers. She kissed back. It was a short passionate kiss and they enjoyed every second. Once they pulled back they blushed as they realized what just happened. Little did they know they both got butterflies and felt sparks when they kissed, but they never brought it up with each other after that day.
"Now we can never say we never had our first kiss" Harry said being his cheeky self
"Yeah" Ariella replied
*end of memory*

No ones pov

"And they say she's in the class" Ariella sang being cut of by her door opening. It was Harry.
" Continue love, your great." Harry said
" No, your great but you should sing with me!" Ariella said.
" k" Harry replied. Ariella unpaused her music.
" A team. Stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18 but lately" the sang. The. Ariella paused it.
" Haz." Ariella said
"Yes Ari" he replied
"Your going to be famous one day." She sayin engulfing him in a hug.
"We love, we are going to be famous one day." Harry said.
*end of memory*

Harry's pov
20 mins before first boot camp performance
"Ari." I called
"Yes?" Image replied. I loved her voice.
"Here, so we never forget each other and so you know I'm still here and care, no matter how far."
Our necklace was a plane that said " no matter how far <3"
"Haz, thanks I love it!" She exclaimed.
" I have to go know be back soon." I replied. We have a special thing with planes. We always said one day one of us will be famous and travel on tour and we we do we have to make sure that we bring the other with us on a plan to go to a stop on tour. When one of us is on tour we have to still be friends and remember each other no matter how far away.
*end of memory*

These 2 were in love, they never told each other. Only their other friends. They had good friendships with their other friends, but not one of the compared to the friendship between Ariella and Harry's.
There are many other memories to tell but not enough time to tell so yeah.

Authors Note: this is the end of the memories, the story story part will start in the next chapter.
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