I fell in love with my best friend...... Harry Styles! Does he like me back? Will he find out? Does he remember me? If you want to find out read my story<3


6. Meeting

Chapter 6: meeting

Ariella's POV

Me and Maddie just got in my car.
"Ella, don't kill me, but my patents said I have to go home. I promise ill go with you tomarrow" Madison said
"That's fine Maddie, ill drop you off then ill head over to Starbucks." I replied
"Thanks!" Maddie replied
*Skip Car Ride*
"Bye Madison" I called out
"Bue Ariella!" She replied. Next stop Starbucks!

Harry's Pov
Before I wen to Starbucks I had to get my hoodie since it was chilly and I don't want people to recognize me. Then I got into my car and drove down to Starbucks. I have ALOT of thinking to do.

Ariella's POV
I just pulled up to Starbucks, I'm really craving coffee and a cookie. I got up to the counter and got my drink and cookie. I go the last table there there.

Harry's POV
Yay! I made it to Starbucks. I got to the counter and ordered coffee and a cookie. That was me and Ariella's favorite when we were younger. God I missed her. There were no empty tables and I saw a table with 1 chair left. I guess I'll ask if I could sit there. I walke up to the table to see a girl intrigued by her phone.
"Can I sit here, every other space is taken." I asked hoping she isn't a crazed fan.
"Sure." She said not looking up. I say down and studied the girl. She got the samething as me. She looked like Ariella. Wait that is Ariella OMG!
"Wait Ari!" I said excitedly
"Haz!!" She yelled-whispered. I stood up and gave her the biggest hug. She was crying. Why?
" Come with me love." I said and she nodded. We walked to the nearby park and sat on the bench. I'm soo glad I saw her.

Ariella's POV
I was just sittin there playing on my phone and a guy came up ad asked to sit with me. Sure, I said what could go wrong? The he said my name and I realized my love was sitting with me. He hugged me. I started crying he never replied, but I missed him. I was feeling soo many different feelings. It was crazy. I followed him across the street to the park. Our favorite childhood park. I was soo glad we met again.
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