I fell in love with my best friend...... Harry Styles! Does he like me back? Will he find out? Does he remember me? If you want to find out read my story<3


5. Life

Chapter 5: life
Ariella's POV

I live in Holmes Chapel, so life is pretty normal. It's 6:00, and I'm on my way home I just finished baby-sitting my neighbors kids Gavin (5) and Aleeyah (7) they are the sweetest kids. I baby sit them after school because they have a single mom that works late. I just got home and went to my room and just stared at my Harry necklace. He was the sweetest. His family is still my neighbors, but since Harry left we never talk. Just then there was a knock at my bedroom door.
" Ella" my friend Madison called.
"Come in gurl!" I replied
"What's up" she said
" nothing I just miss Harry" I said
" awww, well guess what" Maddie said
" What!" I replied
"I'm THE BESTIEST FRIEND EVER 'CUZ I GOT US ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!" She shouted "We go in 2 months when they go back on tour!"
"AHHHHHHHHHH" we screamed in unison.
" wanna go to Starbucks" I asked
"Sure!" She said as we ran downstairs and grabbed our sweaters.
"Mom, Dad, Leah, Sarah, and Gabe, I'm goin' to Starbucks!"
" K sweetie." My mom replied. Then we left and went on our way to Starbucks.

Harry's POV

I'm finally back to Holmes Chapel oh how I've missed this place. I caught up with my family and found out they don't talk to Ariella. I was upset I missed her soo much. I want to talk to her and catch up. I am going to go to Starbucks to clear my mind and find a way to talk to my Ari. I need her I love her. She is my life.
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