I fell in love with my best friend...... Harry Styles! Does he like me back? Will he find out? Does he remember me? If you want to find out read my story<3


2. Intro

Chapter 2: Intro

Ariella,s P.O.V.

Me and Harry have been best friends since we were 4, we were inseparable. We were even each others first kiss. Cute right. Anyway back on tropic, until Harry tried out for the X-factor and was excepted into the band One Direction. I have to say they are amazing, or perfect I should say. They are cute, and talented especially Harry. Yes, I buy the jewelry with their face on it. I mean come on they're 1D and my crush is in the band. The sad part is After Harry got to Boot Camp he never texted, or called. I was heart broken and it still is, but I still love him. I was his best friend and even set up his audition for the x-factor, how could he do that to me? I always liked him since we were little. I always pretended he had cooties and I think he knew that. Anyway I haven't seen him since then ( except magazines and TV) I miss my Hazza. We even have promise necklaces. I him though. Never blame love it is a powerful and amazing thing that could change your life.
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