With out You

I am writing this about special people in my life, who with out them, I have no clue where I'd stand.


1. With out you

With out you,

I don't know where I'd be.

Even though right now we are so far,

you're still the air I breathe.

I live day by day,

thriving that you're okay.

I sleep soundly each night,

praying that the next day that you're alright.

You are my friend,

my better half.

Honestly with out you,

I think I'd be on the wrong path.

You keep my head on straight,

when my vision is blurred.

You bring me back to reality,

when I struggle to try to get away from this Earth.

But you never judge me,

because you know how I've been hurt.

That is something we both share,

something that no one understands.

We complete each other, 

we are one anothers better halves.

With out her I am broken.

With out me, she falls to pieces.

With out her I am not me.

She brings out my better side.

With out her,

I don't know where I'd be.

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